Beauty and the Prosecutor


Fairy tales never exist or so Jungkook thought. But what will happen if he met a hundred years old beautiful boy who's waiting for the love of his life to wake him up?



Warning: Lots of fluff

              Other pairings will be revealed soon (although I'm planning to make it into a Jin-centric fanfic XD)\

              Lots of plot twists and exciting moments (FOR JIN TRASH ONLY)

              ? probably, absolutely!

              Cute moments and heart wrenching moments.

              That's all


Crime scenes, interrogation method, investigation, law, procedures--ARGHHH!!! MY MIND!!!


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sehrygul #1
Chapter 4: plz update
Chapter 4: Aaaahhhhhhhh
Chapter 4: That must be the king and lemme guess, Jungkook?
I missed this story. Thanks for updating.
Chapter 4: it's been so long authornim TT
i don't want to be greedy and dontw want you to feel pressured but please.. dont abandoned this beautiful story too long, i really love it TT
ShazamJusticeLeague #5
Chapter 3: Omihosh. This is soo good. Happy that I stumbled upon this
Chapter 3: I want to know more about Jimin. What did he do?
WonwooIsLove #7
Chapter 3: Omgggg I want to know what will happen next!! Nice update author-nim!
Elena1400 #8
Chapter 3: I fell in love with your story author_nim!^^It's really interesting and jinkook is love thanks great job<3<3<3