Evil Prince


They said prince Jungkook's life itself is a miracle. They said the king, having a heir was impossible but Prince Jungkook was born in the midst of Joseon's downfall. Many said that Prince Jungkook's life will give life and wealth in their country. They cherished him and adored him. But one day when the king found out that Jungkook has a curse along with him, the king abandoned him and send him far away from hanyang. Instead, he brought the son of a slave and a prisoner to become the prince. The boy was later named Seokjin. What if the real prince and Seokjin meets? What if Jungkook finds his real identity?


a/n: My story updates would be very slow just like my other stories lol. But I'll do my best in every chapter and you won't regret subscribing


From: Your crazy author


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sehrygul #1
Chapter 1: please update the story
Chapter 1: OH NO cliffhanger.. you monster xD
Chapter 1: This is interesting. Please update:(
Chapter 1: Pls update
Chapter 1: Hmm, so JK who is the real prince will be back to palace to take his revenge someday. But he still doesn't who truly he is.
Jin is angelic prince and Jimin is his bodyguard (wow, Jimin in Joseon military outfit O.O ). Waiting for the next chapter...
ClassicPeach #6
Chapter 1: Interesting~~ !
Laulaura #7
Chapter 1: Im waiting for the second chapter figting!!
Chapter 1: omg so excited for the next! what a cliffhanger~
Chapter 1: You know how to left me cliffhanger author-nim.!!! And thanks for the spoiler to
Hwwaaiitng for the first chapter... i love Jinkook so much