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A cliche bittersweet story of park chanyeol living with his fangirl in one roof, oops, an ex-fangirl, may I correct.

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The sunlight on the afternoon is pretty harsh as it touches my skin.  "Damn, I forgot my umbrella." I said to myself. My classes in the university ended early, and thought I will stop by at the starbucks before going home.


When I reached the Starbucks, I immediately entered. Finally, the cold breeze of the aircon feels good in my pale skin that was exposed in the sun earlier. I walked over the counter and ordered Iced White Caramel Mocha and Chicken Salad on Croissant Baguette.


"Take home." I handed the money and after three minutes my order came so I took it. As I turn around then accidentally bump into someone because I thought there wasn't a person behind, "Oh, I'm sorry..." I realized I bump into someone's strong chest that my forehead got a little red. I slowly lift my head up to see who the tall person was..


"S***." I said, unconsciously reacted. 


He was looking at me with furrowed eyebrows and wide eyes like he just saw a ghost. He formed a half-hearted smile, "It's fine."


Suddenly, I don't know what to feel 'cause it's the first time seeing him so close.


"Oh my god, that girl is so lucky!!!" One of the customers sitting in the dining area said. All of the girls were holding their phone, maybe they were taking videos or photos. Ah! What ever.


I turned to the lady at the counter, "Excuse me. Who is he?" I asked pointing my finger on the tall guy.


"You don't know him?! He is PARK CHANYEOL OF EXO." The lady responded with a shock look.


I looked again at the guy named Chanyeol who was amuse and kinda surprised(that I did not know him). I faked a smile, "Again, I'm very sorry." After apologizing, I walked fast to get out of the starbucks then waits at the bus stop for half an hour.  


(After 4 Hours of Travelling) 


After I arrived at my home, I found no one. It's because my parents are at work and my younger sister is in the school.


"Oh you've arrived." I startled and looked behind me. Mom just arrived after me.


"Mom, don't scare me like that." I said while touching my chest. She ignored what I said and gave a smile that didn't quiet reach her eyes, "I already found a dorm you want." 


We sat on the couch, "Really mom? It's not expensive right?" I questioned.


She nod, "It is an empty house now, the original owner left the house month ago."


If it's an empty house, then it means I'm the only who will live there?


"I know what you are thinking my dear, you do have a housemate, I don't know who it is though." she assured. Emphasizing,  HOUSEMATE.


Mom told me to packed up my things right away and I did what she said, even if I protest that I'm alright with travelling four hours back and forth to school Mom will scold me anyway.


(Tomorrow Morning..)


My parents and I, woke up early and helped me to haul my things on dad's car. I gazed at my mom who looked worried, "Mom, I will call you when I arrive at the house." I said and hugged her tight. I sat on the passenger seat and dad started the engine of the car. He use the car for conveying my sibling to school and my mom to her work, also, his work place is pretty far.. And I don't want to add more work for my father so i decided to take the bus when going on off in school.  Dad took a different route driving into the location of my boarding house.


After two hours we arrived the house. I dropped my jaw when I saw it, "Dad, are you sure this is the house?" I asked. Scanning the environment of the house, it's quiet.. Why of course, this is a subdivision.  


"Yes, this is your boarding house it is near from your school." Dad replied, we went off the car and welcomed by the land owner. The old man in his 50's gave the keys, "Welcome, so is this your daughter?"


No, no his son.


'"Yes, she's the one staying in the house." 


My dad said his farewell and left. Well, I will be guilty if I let him wait till I enter the house. The old man helped me with my belongings and open the front door of the house. He quickly placed my belongings inside then went out like, "Sorry dear I need to go now, your housemate just arrived too so have fun staying!" he waved and I watched him get in his car.  


I went inside and noticed a man kneeling on the floor who was finding something on his baggage. He's tall that he reminds me of....  


The guy turned around and his eyes widened when he saw me. I stared at him shocked, open mouthedly.


"You are... Y-you... You... Who are you again?" I pointed at him, my brain can't process what I am seeing. 


This can't be, of all the possible things can happen.... 

Of all the people who can be my housemate....

Why? Why does it need to be him?!!!




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