Eight Gems and the Messengers(along with one lousy king and a bodyguard)

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 Eight Gems and the Messengers 

There was this house, on top of the high hill in Eunioa. In that house there were eight gems, also known as maidens. These maidens were the most beautiful maidens in the kingdom, so people called them jewels. Yet, they themselves called each other gems. Since their worth was more than just a jewel. Under that hill there was a castle, which had a wonderful and loving king who took care and greatly appreciated these gems, King Taeil. King Taeil had six messengers who he treated just like his sons and he sent them out to talk about the marriage between a maiden in that house, or also known as palace of maidens, and his nephew. This way, the six handsome boys and these beautiful maidens were about to clash, in the best way possible.


 Eight Gems and the Messengers 

Hello all! I'm back at you guys with another one of my lovable Nct stories. And I promise you, this will not disappoint. It's kinda based off of Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princess's. So um, yeah. I'm kinda childish. This will have so much adorable romance and stuff like that in it. So stay around if you love yourself some good fluff! And you will get every otp, no is main. So please wait as this plot develops. I hope you will love this story, and please try to comment, subscribe, and upvote if you can. It really increases my want in writing the story if you guys do that stuff. Especially comments. ( :

Recent Update: Chapter Three is up! Doyoung is even more confused plus a lot of fluff!

Parings: Hansol x Yuta; Jungwoo x Taeyong; Yukhei x Ten; Doyoung x Jaehyun; Johnny x Winwin; Jeno x Mark; Jisung x Haechan; and Renjun x Chenle. King Taeil and Bodyguard Kun are side characters(pretty main though, not shipped together). 

Warning: The characters don't belong to me, but the plot does. So, if you see anything close to this, then please tell me. It's an original idea that I got when watching a pakistani drama, lol. PS: Not based off that drama. I was just thinking while watching. Past based au thing. Like basically in the past, or placed in Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princess's.

Colors: All of them have colors. Like, of clothing they wear. Only the maidens and the messanges are colors, the bodyguard just wears black and the king doesn't really care. Some people have the same colors, only because some maidens are messangers have the same colors. 

Hansol - Messenger - Green                     Johnny- Mesenger - Purple         Taeyong - Maiden - Pink

Yuta - Maiden - Purple                   Doyoung - Messenger - Tangerine                                           Ten - Maiden - Bright red
Jungwoo - Villan- Dark Red                                            Jaehyun - Maiden - Yellow

Winwin - Maiden - Dark Green
Lucas - Prince - Gold (Au)                Mark - Maiden - Teal                          Renjun - Messenger - White
Jeno - Messenger - Orange                 Haechan - Maiden - Dark Blue                                         Chenle - Maiden- Black 

Jisung - Messenger - Blue

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Review by Charlot1081
Grammar: 24.6/25
Your grammar is really good.  There are some points where you can make the sentences a bit more clear.  Some words seem like they're accidentally omitted.  Nothing a little re-reading won't hurt!

Description: 25/25
I liked how you described the rooms.  It felt like if I opened my bedroom door, I could see what you wrote.  I also think that wearing gold to bed would be very irritating.

All around Enjoyment: 50/50
I really enjoyed reading the two chapters.  I do believe this is the first NCT story I ever read.  I'm not a fan of the group, but I've become formiliar with Johnny due to Sehun's little 'accident.'  I really think that Doyoung and Taeyong need to stop flirtign if they're not goign to wind up together though!  It's too cute!  I like how Taeyong always thinks of his other maidens, it's so motherly.  Doyoung must find him to be more motherly. 

Enough spoilers, I'm willing to wait for your next update!
Your score is: 99.4/100!
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Chapter 3: Cant wait for the next chapter~ >ㅅ< Author-nim fighting!!~~~
Chapter 3: uwuwuwuwuwu cant wait until kun or jaemin comes up ><
Chapter 2: Its been a while since I read a fanfic, but wow! You never fails me. I love the storyline and everything. It just so perfect and well combined xD but seriously, why Taeil sounds so evil here, HAHAHA? xD (he's cute! ) And the way you describe how Lucas, his nephew, is way taller than him made me laugh so hard. I never expect that, but I can imagine it! Heol! And the maidens' room OMG! I would want to live in there! I love winwin's room. Froggie is ma fav (euwww gross)

Hopefully, I can get more updates from this story. Fighting!!! C:
chxn2lx #4
Chapter 2: Omg, that's soo cool! I squealed when winwin was putten with the Princess and the frog, and Chenle with Mulan, it just suites them soon well!! I love how Taeil is thinking evily, and how lucas is with Ten!