butterfly in my stomach

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• butterfly in my stomach •

► Park Jisung felt guilty when he did it. He felt guilty every night that he'd fall into the pleasure of being with Chenle.

Yet what he didn't notice is as he went further with Chenle, the butterfly in Haechan grew bigger and bigger. 


• butterfly in my stomach •

This is legit only for the purpose that one person I know will understand this. Anways, genderbender with some Chensung and Jichan.  Also some pregnancy so yea hope yall enjoy! Btw I'd suggest you turn your aff to nightmode for this one story. It really helps and works way better with the vibe.

Updating: September 30th 2018

Also I great big thank you to JiaArea at Jelly Bubble Shop for creating my beautiful graphics. She is always willing to make genderbender posters for me which I'm so thankful for. Please check them out honestly both the designers there and legit the best people ever and have beautiful skills. Click the banner below to reach the shop.

• characters •
Park Jisung - Her lepidoptophile

Park Haechan - His butterfly

Zhong Chenle - His lover

"Hey, beautiful buttefly? Promise that you won't ever fly away again."


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