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A big big thanks to -Qyuri from Venus Graphics for making my amazing Display Picture






 My pretty Whiskers cat, based off of my favorite
chocolate, Snikers.

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Hollywood Bowl
the soundstage of la
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video gallery
This video gallery is made up of my love Shawn Mendes and his amazing video's. On the right you will see four of my favorite Shawn Mendes songs, and his video's. Just scroll down.

Loving k-pop doesn't mean I can't have an obsession with white idol's. Here in this layout most thing's are made up of my white obsession's. So have fun learning about the western idol's I love!

Btw, I big thanks to Vigour for making this layout for my birthday that my sister(Infinexx) requested at TXRSH!
"I'm the brightest star in the sky,
but why is it you shine brighter at night?"
fav song lyrics
"You've awoken me, but you're chocking me. I was so obsessed. " - Charlie Puth Dangerously

"I don't need no money, as long as I got you baby." - Sia Cheep Thrills

"My selfishness that wouldn't let you go, turned into an obsession that imprisoned you." - Taeyang(Bigbang) Eyes, Nose, Lips

"It's tearing me apart, Shawn's sliping away." -
Shawn Mendes I Know What You Did Last Summer

An insane smile is reflected in the pnd. Don't worry princess, today's main character is me. - Minhyuk(Btob) Thriller
present's for that day
This layout is very important to me.
You wanna know why?

Well then check out these links oneshot, this layout, and another layout.These were all beautiful birthday gift's that I had got. I love every single person who made them, and my wonderful sister(Infinexx) who requested all of these wonder things. I honestly don't even know what to do for her birhtday. Once I did 100 reason's why I love her. But I gonna do something bigger than that this time.

 Me too. I love Chenderella too. Btw, can someone write this for me? Prince Xiumin x Chenderella.



Hello, I'm Strawberryjamskookie. Nice to meet you. Okay now I sound super formal, I'll stop with the formalness now. Sup people, it's Jamminkookie here. I'm a big of Nct. They are my favorite group. If you want to talk, you can PM me, I won't bite. ( ; 

My dp credit to my amazing sister Infinexx!!!

Nct is my bias group for otps too, I'm a hardcore Renle, Markno, and Jichan shipper. I would do anything for these otps. Nct overall is second favorite. My dp is Nct Dream, my bias unit. 

I have many kpop otps. 47. All ofthem are , expect for one, which is Eric Nam x Amber. I know almost every kop boy group. So feel free to talk about any. I know all the SM, YG, Starship, JYP, Pledis, Jellyfish, Woolim, etc groups. I have a Graphic Shop, a Bts, Exo, and Got7 drabble shop, and i have a oneshot request shop called Holy Macaroni And Chesse, you can find all of those shops in my co-autoured stories. .


Jonghyun is life for me!! He is my ultimate bias.

And Sugyeol is my amazing bias from Infinite!!!!!

My favorite food is chocolate. I can't with it. My three fav otps are, Jikook, Yunjun, and JRBaek. You can also check out my other otps from my stories. And you can PM if you want to know others. We might have a lot alike. ^-^

I'm a BIG otaku. I love animes, I've been watching animes since I was 6. I grew up with them. My favorite color is blue, I love every shade of blue. My bestie on aff is Nanii_The_Naniier. My sister is on aff too. Her name is Infinexx. She is also a big Shinee/Infinite/Vixx fan. 

In my personal message you might be wondering why I have exo on it. Well that because Exo was my seound kpop group. I still love them as much as i did when they debuted. I've been with kpop since 2013. I knew Bts even before they became famous, I think I liked old Bts more. But I've always been an army. I've been a V.I.P and EXOL since birth. And after that I found Shinee. #Shawollife

Overall I love everything about aff(its way better than Wattpad) and everyone on aff. So please dont be scared to talk to me. I really love making new friends. I'm really friendly. Talk to me if you want. Tho bye for now~~