we're not friends // yusol+hendery

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He couldn't understand why it changed over and over. Why he hated but loved him. Why he wanted to protect but ruin him at the same time. He wanted to be his closest friend but at the same time, Hendery just wanted to be a stranger. 

But even all that honesty, even when he appreciated him, it wasn't enough. He wanted more from him. Not just some sappy compliments that framed him as a friend in his brain. 


hi guys!!!! made a yusol comeback after two years cause this tag is dead. idk if anyone really remembers me from like two years ago with "Yuta Chan I Love You" and "Speak of my Fears" if you do your an og and i love you!!!! decided to add some yuta x hendry because hendry reminds me of hansol. anyways enjoy and comment what you thought!!

A big big thanks to -Qyuri from Venus Graphics for making my amazing Poster and Background. 


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