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One Thing About Music

» dedicated to: strawberryjamskookie

» requested by: infinexx 


The van was sleek, running over the black tarmac so fast that the passing greenery becomes a hazy blur. The windows are beaded and the rain beats on the roof like some crazy drummer. Inside the VIXX members were a curious mixture of cozy and boredom, all of them anticipating the destination that will come eventually - their dorm after another tiresome day. Until then they'd read, feign sleep, do crosswords and tell jokes. Some read newspapers, kindles. Hyuk plugged his headphones into the input from his mobile and his music app, knowing right away which song he wanted to hear and which line in particular.

I'm Lookin' for girl Lookin' for love ay
I'm Lookin' for u and Lookin' for me
I'm getting a feeling now
I'm different, I'm special
Even though I didn't say anything, 
you already felt it
Follow me, you can completely trust yourself to me now

The lyrics swam through Hyuk's cerebral cortex like a wakeful dream, the notes relaxing him, enabling the song to call to his entire being. There was something about the vibrations of Ravi's that felt so heavenly, as if it were liquid energy seeping right through his skin. He could listen to it all day. It was a voice to sink in as it wrapped you up. Yet, vibrating with power and command. It was a voice with authority as a kindly laugh shook the ground like a storm. 

However, there was one thing that bothered him greatly - why must he be looking for a girl? Not a boy, or even better him? Must he be so perfect, with his chiselled features, a laugh as melodic as his voice. He felt emotionally bankrupt, imaging the other flirting with a female being like he did yesterday after a rehearsal for an upcoming concert.

"Are you okay?" Ravi asked the question smoothly, the baritone of his voice reverberating through Hyuk's bones as Ravi slides a strong arm over his shoulders. The low rumble of his voice was comforting as it wrapped around Hyuk and carried him off to a world where sound was the power that could change everything wrong in the world.

He squeaked and then flushed lightly when he realised that Ravi was waiting patiently for an answer. "I'm fine." he piped. The chuckle that accompanied his reply from their rapper was a soft, rolling thunder that billows across the dark skies on a stormy night.

"What are you listening to?", the older asked, wanting to keep the conversation going. A small smile played on his lips, his words were like vanilla pudding, sweet in their ordinary sort of way, it was the richness of his tones – luxurious and warm.

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