I'll Protect You


Lee Euiwoong never expected to see Ahn Hyungseob in this state. And as his bestfriend with hidden desires, he’ll do the best that he can to bring him back.


No matter what the price is, he’ll do everything.


Eyyyy~ I still cannot stop thinking about my precious Yuehua boys despite Takada Kenta being my top pick throughout the season. Lol, be ready for angst.. and lots of feels for this one. Idk.. i just love angst too much. Ha-ha.


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sophea_elyssa #1
Chapter 6: Omg this story is amazing !! I hope that u will keep updating this story okay :)
Seventeen_Minghao #2
Chapter 6: Really this is amazing please update asap
Seventeen_Minghao #3
Chapter 6: Please update this !!!
SFpentagon9 #4
Chapter 5: Haha the revival of JinSeop
SFpentagon9 #5
Chapter 4: I love this fic and all the fluff and feels that punch me in the face every time there's a new chapter
Chapter 3: yandere euiwooong euiwooong ~
SFpentagon9 #7
Chapter 3: Haha I love this story because it makes me so excited. I love this ship so much ^^ It's the best zombie apocalypseAU I've read in AFF
TofuTurtleHime2468 #8
Chapter 2: I really like this spin on a zombieapocalypse!AU because it's something I've never seen before (because usually it's just running away... and meeting jerks... and running away... and dumb decisions... and more running away). Also is it me or is Euiwoong becoming like a yandere or something =v="
SFpentagon9 #9
Chapter 1: Is this gonna be like Warm Bodies?
Glittersnow #10
AHHH Omgg I'll be waiting for your updates author-nim !! I really hope it would be a happy ending (>人<;)