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Youngmin opened his drawer with the label, "private" on it. The drawer was still empty but it is about to be filled with letters, letters to Donghyun. However, those letters are to be locked, never to be seen by anyone. He would rather sacrifice his feelings and happiness than to see what he has with Donghyun crumble down.


These are his feelings

These are his thoughts

All these for a certain boy named Donghyun who has caught his eye from the beginning of time.



So yes, I am back again. I really really like Dongpaca so I couldn't help but come back to write more. This fic is in letter form, and the above description is how all these letters came about. It is all in Youngmin's point of view and this will be chaptered. This will be my first chaptered fic and I apologise in advance for late and random updates. I constantly worry about the content I write and I must warn you that I am only good at making my chapters wordy. Writing is only a side thing I have so I will update when teachers and the school don't hunt me down with exams and tests and assignments.

Do leave a comment if you want, I would really love to interact with my fellow Dongpaca shippers! ^^


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MizuDrop #1
Chapter 5: This is so cute omg, I'm such a hoe for dongpaca
Ken2911 #2
Chapter 5: It's so sweet <3<3
Chapter 1: MY HEART ajshdhhwjse i love dongpaca so much :(
Nadyangela #4
Chapter 4: Omygosh, the bro-zoning part had me dying hahahaha but im happy you updated! Take your time! School is more important :)) Good luck ♡
KimchiCupcakes #5
Chapter 4: I understand, your studies are more important. Good luck for your exams!
Abiaar #6
Nadyangela #7
Chapter 3: I desperately need chapter 4!! Hhahaha
This is really amazing author-nim!!
This is your 3rd fanfic that i read and none of them dissapoint me!!
I hope you update soon ♡♡♡
exoLbeautyot12 #8
Chapter 2: Ah this is sooooo darn CUTEEEEEE ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
I ship dongpaca like CRAZY
and I'M so glad someone as good as you provided me with this dosage I DESPERATELY needed after wanna one was announced and no YOUNGMIN :(:(
Any way thank you SOOO MUCH authournim ♡♡