In Dreams, Where I See You

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No, don’t call me like that.


Hanbin hyung


Don’t look at me like that


Don’t say it


You know I love you right?


I know…


So please…... Don’t smile like that.



Then let me go







Another one-shot from me after a long time.

Stress-reliever after hectic days passed (another coming ofc). ^^


(Formally titled Lesion Of This Love)








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worldscollide #1
Chapter 11: this story is truly beautiful. it's a bit confusing, but everything's still so good. i like the way you write and the way you describe things. also, one-sided love is always the worst. thank u for this story!
kangdaesoon89 #2
Chapter 12: Im quite confused too but i got it at last. Lol. Btw, i also hv a crush but im too shy n afraid to tell him since that we are friend. He is also my bff’s bestfriend. So thing get hard here for me. After all, thanks for this fic. Loveya
Chapter 11: That is so sad.... unrequited love is always so hurtful... donghyuk will get a more better person that can be happy with him! Authornim hwaiting! Thank you!
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 12: I have a crush, i love him for 6 years i guess... I gave up on him, since i know that he'll never be mine... I gave up since i knew that he has a gf, and his gf is so beautiful and perfect. I gave up since he look like he doesn't like me at all, never acknowledge my present tho a lot of effort i did...
But till now, i still have a feeling for him, but i'll keep it by myself... I just hope that i'll meet someone that love me with all his heart... And truly love me...
Oh my,,,, why i'm crying... One side love is really hurting...
And thank you authornim, waiting for your another great work...
Charlyjoy #5
Chapter 11: I fee you donghyukkie unrequited love hurts but I know it will fade I know you wil find the one for you be strong by donghyuk im here hahahahqa lol anyway im sad about the ending but stil happy even though dongdong unrequited love..thank you for this:-):-)
kjmydr2m #6
Chapter 10: Yey a happy ending!^.^ tho you made me confused in a few chapters but you did a good job ^^)b
Chapter 10: This is a dangerous situation ~~
Yea ya were right

Bc he afraid he might losing him so thats why he dream

Btw thank you for writing this
Even smtimes i wanna punch you for confusing me
Really love this and wow its 2 year already and complete (and its on my bday how awesome is that ^^^^)
Goodluck and hope to read your fic again next time

U accept monopoly money? Coz thats all i hve right now
Chapter 9: So he just want to protect the maknae ....... in that way~~

I didnt expect it gonna lead to this
Chapter 8: He hit his head pretty hard
Chapter 7: Poor hanbin
Hope he got his sense back