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My Life Next Door
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Disclaimer: This chapter is by no means political. I mention President Trump in this chapter. I don't want to hear ANY comments about it, okay? PLEASE just no politics on this page. And don't ask me what side of the political spectrum I fall on, I'll tell you, I'm Republican.


Hakyeon couldn't keep the grin off his face during their schools Pep Rally. His team and him were expected to do big things this season, like win the championships against their long time rivals East Central.

His good friend Wonshik, one of the pitchers on the team, stood next to him ready to break through the paper banner the numerous cheerleaders were holding up.

Hakyeon glanced around the thousand or so students in the big gymnasium and felt a little bummed out knowing that JiEun went to a completely different school. He'd have definitely loaned her his away jersey before hand to wear to the rally (it was a popular thing that sports players did for their S/O or the girl they liked). 

"Next up, lead by Captain Cha Hakyeon and Co-Captain Bradley Scott is your very own, West Port High's Varsity baseball team!" A thunderous applause could be heard throughout the gym as the whole team ran out onto the court, high fiving the other cheerleaders, mascots, and MC's as they lined up on the half court line in front of the other spring sports teams. 

Hakyeon and Bradley were each handed microphones, expected to make a speech. Hakyeon, even though he was a full blooded Korean, was born and raised in New York and therefore could speak both Korean and English fluently. 

"WEST PORT!" Cheers, shouts, hollars, etc.

"Brad and I are very excited for this coming season, it will be our last one and as such I really want to bring home that championship for you all. It's been a crazy four years with you at West Port, especially our senior class, and I hope that you will sincerely come and cheer the team onto victory!" 

Hakyeon couldn't keep the smile off of his face, this was one of his favorite events of the year because he was the center of attention. Call it a bit vain, but Hakyeon was good looking and sociable and he knew it and he thrived on it. 

Hakyeon looked over to Brad, his Co-Captain and nodded, launching him into his own speech/monolouge about the upcoming season. Brad's was a little more wild and loud but all the same the message was clear.

They would bring home a championship this season.

"So I hear you've been hanging around the mayors daughter. How'd you manage that?" Jaehwan, another teammate had approached Hakyeon after the Rally. Hakyeon laughed and shrugged.

"She's my next door neighbor I guess. It's very easy to run into each other." Jaehwan grinned. "So, is she good?"

Hakyeon pushed the younger boy away from him, rolling his eyes. Hakyeon had no interest in disclosing his love life (what little there was, anyway).

"I don't kiss and tell. Now, why don't we talk about some batting practice, eh? Your left side is a little weak and we're facing two left handed pitchers next week."  

Literally this is the worst.

It's been about one week since my "grounding" and I think I'm going to loose my mind. I've all but filled up my sketchbooks, my porfolio has been organized and reorganized multiple times, I've finally cleaned up my room (well, almost...can't completely loose the rebel in me) and last but not least, I've been texting Hakyeon non stop. 

Sure, it's nice and all that we've started talking more, but I want to actually be with him. I want to smell his cologne, run my fingers through his hair, or even go to the beach for an overnight or something.

Oh god we aren't even dating and I already want to jump his bones. My hormones need to cool it!

I need to get out of this house or I'm going to loose my mind. Even at work, on the off chance Hakyeon had stopped by to eat, I've been so busy we've hardly had time to talk.

It seemed, however, that my prayers were about to be answered in the form of Clay who suddenly appeared in my doorway. I guess mom must have finally come home from her work day.

"Hey chica. Your mom and I have good news, we will wait for you in the kitchen." Lord. This can't be good. Wait...oh my god what if my mom is pregnant with Clay's

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