Take Care of the New Baby

Take Care of the Baby

This is officially the last one! Thank you so much to everyone who read this fanfic, you have been so sweet, made me really happy!

Okay, so now have fun with this chapter!!


Sehun and Kyungsoo got into a trap. 


The younger of them was wondering how they even believed when Chanyeol called them over saying it was a horror movie night, since the taller's daughter had more courage to watch it than himself. 


Sehun looked at his brother beside him with the said girl on his arms, the baby trying to clim on his head. The little girl couldn't stop laughing while Kyungsoo was struggling to keep her from falling. 


"Nayu!" Baekhyun held his daughter stopping her of involuntarily hurt Kyungsoo. "You have to behave, okay?" 


The little girl nodded and looked at Kyungsoo, who sighed and held her in his arms again. Nayu looked at Sehun and smiled, the boy smiling back at her, when he heard something bark. He looked back and saw a happy dog running to them. 


"Hey little buddy!" Sehun patted his head and scratched his ear, the dog sounding extremely happy. 


"We'll back soon, okay?" Baekhyun told them as he and Chanyeol walked to the front door. Kyungsoo sighed. 


"Why don't you ask your parents to take care of her?"


"Because seeing you two struggling is so much better," Chanyeol said laughing as Nayu was moving so much Kyungsoo had to hold her tight preventing her of getting upside down and Sehun was having a hard time trying to make the happy dog stop his face. 






After the couple left Kyungsoo tried to make the baby sleep, what proved to be impossible. He stood on the beach's house terrace and sang a lullaby while rocking her to sleep, but that didn't work at all. Kyungsoo stared tired to the dark ocean reflecting the moon in front of him, feeling the little girl moving in his arms. 


He gave up and now was trying to make the girl stop giving him wet kisses all over his face, all that love being too much for him. 


'As expected from their child', Kyungsoo thought to himself as the baby held his neck too tight. He looked at his younger brother when Sehun accidentally tripped over one of Nayu's toys that were all over the place. 


He chuckled as Sehun murmured a complain, the dog still following him around. 


Everything was relatively fine until Nayu started to cry and Kyungsoo didn't know why. He tried to make her sleep again and even checked her diaper, but couldn't find the reason of why the baby was crying. He tried to think, but that was hard with the little girl screaming so close to his ear. 


Sehun and the dog watched them from the couch until the youngest suggested something.


"Maybe she's hungry," the boy guessed and Kyungsoo looked at the girl crying in his arms. His brother might be right. 


"Okay, hold her for a moment," Kyungsoo tried to make Sehun hold Nayu but the younger moved away. 




Kyungsoo sighed annoyed. 


"Because I have to look for something to feed her," Sehun glared at him and then held the baby. Nayu calmed down the second she got in Sehun's arms, but was still sobbing. 


Kyungsoo wondered why she always got quiet when his brother held her, but didn't really think about it. He opened the fridge looking for food not paying attention to how Sehun was trying hard to slip his attention between the baby and the dog. 






Kyungsoo tried everything but the baby seemed to only be happy with ice cream. Now there he was, the baby sitting on the table in front of him and making a mess with her chocolate ice cream. 


Sehun was sitting beside him eating from the same pot as Nayu, both of them with their faces dirty and the baby couldn't stop laughing at Sehun. 


Kyungsoo was watching her and thinking how cute she was with her two messy pigtails, when his phone rang. 


"Hello?" everyone in the kitchen got silent, even the dog who was under the table laying on his feet. 


"Are you free today?" he heard Jongin's voice on the phone and Sehun smirked at him, making Kyungsoo blush.


"Actually no. Baekhyun and Chanyeol trapped us here to take care of Nayu tonight," the little girl got closer to the phone and said a 'hello', a word Chanyeol had taught her. After her the dog barked from under the table. 


"You're having so much fun and didn't even call me?!" Jongin sounded hurt. "I'll be there in ten minutes."


Kyungsoo sighed after the phone got mute and wondered why Jongin liked so much to spend time with Nayu and her parents. Not forgetting how he got crazy every time he saw their dog, their friendship making Kyungsoo feel a little  jealous. 


"Since your boyfriend is coming to help you, can I go home?" Sehun asked lazily and Kyungsoo glared at him. 


"No way, I'm not letting you have a peaceful night while I struggle," Sehun sighed beside him and laid his head on the wood table. 


"But you own me! I was the one who helped you and Jongin get together!" Sehun pouted at him and Kyungsoo pursed his lips. He couldn't resist his brother's puppy face since they were kids. 


"Listen, I'll let you take a nap if you want, but you're not leaving us," Kyungsoo said as he whipped some ice cream from Nayu's face making the little girl smile. 


Sehun sighed and went back to eating, feeling happier while he did so. Kyungsoo looked at him and wondered when his baby brother grew up so fast. He was only fifteen and already as tall as him. But the eldest interrupted his own thoughts before he got emotional like Baekhyun usually did. 






When Kyungsoo opened the door to Jongin the house was a mess. Nayu was brown due to the ice cream she was eating and was laughing out loud as she watched Sehun running after the dog who stole his shoe. 


Jongin tripped on a toy on the floor when he tried to approach Kyungsoo and kiss his cheek, falling on the shorter and involuntary pressing him against the wall. 


Sehun, who already managed to take back his shoe, ran to cover Nayu's eyes. 


"Can you two please control yourselves?! There's a baby here! And Nayu!" the little girl was giggling even though she wasn't understanding anything and Jongin laughed. Kyungsoo being the only one serious and trying to hide the blush on his face. 






"Jongin," the tanned male repeated again to the baby on his lap, trying to make her say his name. 




"Jong – in," he patiently said again as the girl stared at him with a blank face. 




Sehun laughed from the couch, waking up the dog who was sleeping on his chest. 


"Don't worry, she can't spell my name either," Kyungsoo tranquilized his boyfriend and tried to hide his smile, remembering how it took long for Sehun to be able to spell it too. 


The same movie that always had Chanyeol crying was on TV, but Nayu wasn't paying attention to it, Jongin having her too entertained. 


Kyungsoo noticed she was yawning too much and was getting sleepy, but he knew from experience how long it'd take to make her sleep even though she was tired, so they should begin the process. 






As he predicted, Nayu was refusing to go sleep. Sehun wasn't even trying to help and Kyungsoo couldn't blame him. The boy was tired from school, and at least now he had Jongin to help him. 


Kyungsoo eventually gave up but Jongin was still rocking the baby and singing a song to her. Then he had an idea. 


He saw Sehun sleeping on the couch and opened the door quietly, whispering to Jongin to follow him. The two of them and the baby left the house and walked towards the beach not so far from the house's back garden, where Kyungsoo knew Nayu would fall sleep with the sound of the waves. 


They were walking slowly with the baby in Jongin's arms, the two boys in silence hoping that that would make Nayu fall asleep faster. 


And they weren't wrong. 


Didn't take long for the baby to be sleeping peacefully against the tanned boy's chest, and the shorter thought that the constant warmth of Jongin's body helped a lot. 


As they walked back home Jongin kissed the shorter's forehead and whispered he loved him.  Kyungsoo thought that if he laid on the beach and let the waves take him, he'd die happy. 






"Are you sure she's not going to feel alone?" Jongin asked again in a whisper as they stood in front of Nayu's crib with her still sleeping in tanned arms, and Kyungsoo sighed. 


"Why do I feel like it's you who's going to feel alone if we leave her here?" Kyungsoo knew he was right when Jongin pouted and looked at the baby sleeping peacefully.  


"She looks so cute like that," the taller whispered even quieter and admired the little girl. 


Kyungsoo had a small smile on his face as he watched his boyfriend. 'He sure is going to be an amazing father', the shorter thought, and couldn't stop a small wave of warmth and happiness in his chest. 


The eldest eventually gave up and had the idea of staying in the room he and Sehun usually slept in when they were at Baekhyun and Chanyeol's house. The bed was big enough for him, Jongin and the baby, who was occupying much more space between the two of them. 


Kyungsoo was watching the baby sleep and her chest raising up and down as she breathed. When Nayu was sleeping she looked like she could never pull his hair and laugh loudly at it, what the boy was sure she was capable of. 


"You're smiling," Jongin whispered making the shorter look at him. 


"That's impossible, I don't have feelings," Kyungsoo replied as he tried to keep a straight face, but the smile on his face was still there. 


Jongin laughed the most silently he could. 


"But you do have feelings for me! At least I hope so."


"Maybe I only accepted going out with you out of pity, since you've been stalking me for so long."


"I wasn't stalking you!" Jongin protested and his voice got a little louder than it should. Nayu made a small noise and then got quiet again, the two boys guessing she was sleeping. 


"I wasn't stalking you," the tanned boy repeated in an even quieter whisper. "Okay, maybe a little," he admitted defeated and Kyungsoo smiled smugly. 


"I know. But can you write it somewhere so I can prove it to Sehun? He still thinks I was the one creeping around you."


"I wasn't creeping! I... Just found you really cute," Kyungsoo felt his cheeks burning with the declaration and was glad the room was too dark for Jongin to see him. 


"That's pretty gay," he said and Jongin laughed.


"I think I'm pretty gay when it comes to you," with that Kyungsoo was too embarrassed to reply. He fixed Nayu's hair as he looked at the sleeping baby again, and then Jongin held his hand. 


They looked into each other eyes in the dark as Nayu slept happily between them, probably dreaming of beaches and waves made of ice cream. 






"Why is it so quiet here?" Chanyeol wondered to himself but also to his husband beside him. Baekhyun got rid of his shoes and walked into the house. 


The first thing he saw was Sehun laying on the carpet while the dog slept comfortably on the couch. He was going to wake the boy up, when he heard a click of a camera and saw Chanyeol taking a picture of it. 


"What?" Chanyeol questioned as he took another one from a different angle. "It's perfect for blackmail."


Baekhyun laughed and made his way looking for Nayu. Eventually he found her sleeping between Jongin and Kyungsoo, the two boys also sleeping on the comfortable bed. 


"Chanyeol, come here, I have one more for you to take a picture of," Baekhyun called the taller as Chanyeol was putting Sehun's hand in a bowl of water. 


His husband ran to meet him and saw the tired boys and his little girl sleeping peacefully with them. He giggled and took another picture with the flash on. 


Baekhyun looked towards the living room and saw their dog already awake and drinking the water from the bowl Sehun's hand was in. 






"I miss the time when those prizes were for me," Baekhyun murmured as he saw Chanyeol putting a stuffed white tiger in Nayu's crib to surprise her the next morning. 


"What are you even talking about?" he turned to him while Baekhyun was putting a plushy toy on a blue chair close to the window. "You literally played the same game four times only to win that hamster for her."


Baekhyun smiled and admired the view from his daughter room's window, the shiny moon being reflected on the peaceful sea. He didn't saw Chanyeol approaching him, only knew he was there when the taller's arms were wrapped around his waist, hugging him from behind. 


Chanyeol rested his chin on Baekhyun's shoulder and the shorter started to unconsciously rock both of them side to side, as he did when he was putting Nayu to sleep. 


"Tonight we had a really great date," Chanyeol said in a whisper. "But what about we take her to the amusement park with us next time?"


Baekhyun laughed softly. 


"Yeah, I missed our baby too."


They stood there in Nayu's room, smelling the baby talcum powder scent that belonged to their little girl. The house was silent, something rare to happen when there was Nayu, Sehun, Kyungsoo and Chanyeol under the same roof. 


"As they're all already sleeping, what about we go skinny-dipping?" Chanyeol suggested excited and Baekhyun laughed again. He couldn't stop smiling when the night had such a good atmosphere. 


"You didn't have enough of it when we first moved to this house?" Baekhyun said and Chanyeol laughed, remembering how they'd sneak through the night to swim in the sea. 


"Oh please don't," they heard Sehun's sleepy voice from the room's door and both of them turned over to him. "I'm not in the mood to have nightmares."


They laughed as Sehun headed to the bathroom, being followed by the dog. 


Baekhyun walked to the door thinking it was time to wake up Kyungsoo and Jongin and take them home, when he felt his wrist being pulled by Chanyeol. 


Before he could ask what he wanted, his husband kissed his cheek and Baekhyun found himself still feeling butterflies in his stomach from the action. 


Chanyeol hugged him tight and remembered the day he thought how it'd be great to have a family with Baekhyun. Now he had everything he ever wanted and much more. 


Until they heard Nayu waking up and calling for Chanyeol. 


They headed to the room where she was, but Chanyeol had to stop a second to laugh at Sehun struggling with the dog who insisted on getting in the toilet with him.

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