That Movie Night (When We Kissed)


"Kyungsoo, have you ever kissed someone?"


The poor Kyungsoo almost choke on his popcorn when his best friend Baekhyun asked that while they watched a romantic movie together. But if he ever knew where that innocent question would take them, he would've ask it a long time ago.


I really needed to write this because feelings


This same fanfic in portuguese here


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1489 streak #1
Chapter 1: They're so uwu! I'm so soft for them!
Chapter 1: Awwww both of em are shooooo cuteee xD
Chapter 1: Hahaha cute BaekSoo
Nicole121314 #4
Chapter 1: So cute...
Chapter 1: That was so so so cute ...
I loved it
.. Awwwwww ,,, this is my second time reading baeksoo ,,, and it was so cute ... And oh the kiss was so hotttttt....