One Cannot Fool the Heart

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After Chanyeol's mother being certain that Baekhyun and Chanyeol are in a romantic relashionship and are hiding it from her, she will no longer leave poor Chanyeol alone.

Pretending they really are dating was the first idea they had, and now they'll have to deal with a whole family holiday pretending to be super in love.

But maybe it's not just pretending.


This is one of those fuffly and kinda funny fanfics with eventual , but I hope you like it!


This same fanfic in portuguese here


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174 streak #1
Chapter 4: Author-nim your works deserved to get featured.
161 streak #2
Chapter 4: This was so good, I like how there is some angst but not too much... its perfect ❤
Chapter 4: It's so cuteee. I smiled through the story, even when they're making love--which now i found weird. I'm craving for this fluff....
mariaexofi #4
Chapter 4: Ahhh i love this fic! Thanks❤
Chapter 4: This story is so funny. I wish there were more chapters though.. but it's really good story. Thanks
Chapter 4: poor little boy. not only did he lose some dough, he had to go through such a rough night indeed.
BraunaMonta #7
This was completely glorious. I have read Chanbaek ffcs for months now and this may be the best one I swear! Such a good job u did <3
Chapter 4: That praying from Chanyeol. Lol right. I looooooooove this!!!