Take Care of the Couple

Take Care of the Baby

Is it too late to wish y'all a merry christmas? xD 


Kyungsoo complained again while he followed the too excited couple in front of him.


"Why can't I stay home? I'm not a child anymore, I'm fifteen!" Kyungsoo noticed Sehun tripping over something beside him but didn't give attention to it.


"Did you hear him Baek? He's fifteen!" Chanyeol said sarcastically to the man on his right. "I think we have an ancient among us!"


Baekhyun chuckled and slowed his steps, turning around to look at Kyungsoo. 


"I'm really sorry, but you know we're the only ones your parents trust to take care of you two," Sehun wasn't even paying attention to them, looking around at the people with stuffed toys and tiaras on their heads. 


"But I can take care of myself and of Sehun!" hearing his name his younger brother glared at him but looked away again. 


"After that day you broke the bathtub and the bathroom floor looked like a swimming pool?" Chanyeol looked at him over his shoulder. "Poor Sehun was really trying to swimming in it!"


"Could you not bring that up? I was only six," Sehun sounded bored and Kyungsoo sighed. 


"I still have a pic of that day," the eldest whispered to Chanyeol and they giggled. Kyungsoo was starting to get annoyed, and being surrounded by so many people wasn't helping. 


Going to an amusement park was a terrible idea.






"I wanna ride the rollercoaster again!" Chanyeol had a princess crown on his head and a painted butterfly on his cheek. Kyungsoo shook his head as he was still trying to recover from the swing boat. 


"Aren't you feeling sick? I'm about to die here," Chanyeol sighed but didn't seem annoyed or disappointed, Kyungsoo knew he probably had another idea in mind. 


"Okay, so while we wait for Baekhyun and Sehun why don't we try to get some prizes there?" Kyungsoo turned his head to where Chanyeol was pointing, seeing a lot of booths and some of them had cotton candy. The shorter nodded and Chanyeol smiled. 






"I'm really hungry," Sehun complained again as he was carrying the stuffed toys Baekhyun won as prizes. The man turned to look at him and Sehun saw the freshly painted butterfly on his cheek. 


"Okay, I'll call Chanyeol and we can go eat something," Sehun sighed relieved as he heard his stomach growling again. "But can we go to the rollercoaster one last time?"


Sehun was sure taking care of a child would be easier. 






Why they had to be so scandalous? Kyungsoo was almost hiding himself under the table while the newlywed couple was laughing too loud in front of him. More specifically, Chanyeol was laughing too loud. 


He prayed to any god that heard him for them to stop as people were starting to stare at them. Kyungsoo felt really uncomfortable. He looked around the diner they were eating in and caught Sehun stealing his fried potatoes. Kyungsoo slapped his brother's hand away and stopped paying attention to the scene in front of him, focused on protecting his food. 


Eventually the couple calmed down and now Chanyeol only had an arm around Baekhyun's shoulder as they ate in silence. Kyungsoo look at the shiny rings on their left hands, remembering how nervous Chanyeol was on their marriage ceremony a few months ago. And then he realized there was a question he never asked them. 


"Hey, can I ask you something?" Chanyeol stopped drinking his soda and looked at him with wide eyes. 


"I thought your parents already talked to you about the birds and the bees–" Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and Sehun chuckled beside him. 


"It's not that! I was wondering how you guys met," he bit his hamburger as Baekhyun smiled looking at Chanyeol and then at the fifteen years old boy in front of him. He was about to tell the story when Chanyeol began before him.


"It was in high school. I was in the library when he accidentally tripped and fell over me. I held him and when I looked at his eyes it was like bells rang in my head," Sehun seemed about to puke with the sweetness of the declaration. Baekhyun smirked looking at his plate.  


"Yeah, 'accidentally'..." he murmured and Chanyeol looked at him. 


"Wait, it wasn't by accident?" Baekhyun laughed and Kyungsoo didn't realize he had a smile on his face as he watched the scene.


"Well, maybe I had planned it."


"B-but... but you also accidentally touched my when I held you before you fell and–" Baekhyun looked at him and smirked, Chanyeol looking at him with an agape mouth. "I can't believe I married the man who violated me!"


Even Sehun was laughing now. Maybe Chanyeol had said the last sentence a little too loud but none of them cared as they watched Chanyeol pouting while Baekhyun tried to convince him it was a long time ago and he shouldn't care about it. 






In the car drive back to Chanyeol and Baekhyun's apartment Sehun was rumbling some song and Kyungsoo was too tired to tell him to shut up. He was close asleep when Baekhyun called him. 


"Soo, was there any special reason for you to ask us how we met?" the man was looking at him through the rearview mirror and Kyungsoo blushed. 


"Not really, I just–"


"I bet it's because of his crush," Sehun interrupted him and Kyungsoo punched his arm. "What?! Am I lying?!"


Kyungsoo felt his face heating up and faced the window, watching the streets lights they passed by as he tried to hide his flushed cheeks.


"A crush?! When did that happen? I still remember when Baek used to force me to to change your diaper," Chanyeol sounded hurt that Kyungsoo was growing up and the boy was so embarrassed he considered opening the door's car and jump out of it. 


"C'mon Chanyeol, he's fifteen!" Baekhyun said remembering Kyungsoo's words previously on that night. "What's his name?"


"It's Jongin!" Sehun answered and even though Kyungsoo was embarrassed he was more curious about how his younger brother knew him. He looked confused at Sehun who looked back at him. "I know a friend who knows a friend who knows him."


Kyungsoo could see Baekhyun's bright smile and he wasn't even looking at him. 


"Sehun, why don't you introduce Soo to him?" that moment Kyungsoo prayed to those same gods for them to take his soul right then and there. 


"I could do that," Sehun smiled proudly and didn't even bother looking at Kyungsoo's death glare on him. 


Eventually he gave up and only sat defeated in the back sit while Baekhyun and Sehun planned everything. He also heard Chanyeol murmuring something about chocolate ice cream but didn't pay attention, all he wanted to do was calm his fast beating heart. 






"A crush..." Chanyeol whispered again when he was covering with a warm blanket the two sleeping boys laying on a mat in his living room.  


"You're still not over that?" Baekhyun whispered as he covered Kyungsoo's foot that the blanket couldn't reach at first. "It'd happen someday, and you should prepare for when it happens with Sehun too."


Chanyeol pouted and walked to their room, getting under the blankets smelling like freshly washed sheets and covering himself. Baekhyun followed him and they stared at each other for a moment. 


"But what if they get hurt? How can we prevent them from having a heart break?" the taller sounded so worried that Baekhyun couldn't stop the smile on his face. 


"We can't, but we'll be here for them if that happens," Chanyeol sighed and Baekhyun pecked his forehead, giving him a hug and holding his husband close to him. 


"You'll be there for me too, right? I hate feeling alone," the giant wasn't thinking about what he was saying because he was almost sleeping, at least that was what Baekhyun thought. 


"Yes, I'll always be there," Chanyeol nuzzled into his chest and Baekhyun smiled. A few minutes later his phone buzzed on his night stand and he turned around to see Joonmyeon's text asking if everything was fine. 


As he texted back telling him what they did today Chanyeol stood up saying he was thirsty. When Baekhyun sent the text he saw Chanyeol's name on his screen, showing that the giant was calling him and the shorter picked up. 




"I'm feeling alone already!"


Baekhyun rolled his eyes and hit the red button, finishing the call. 


He gasped startled when he saw Chanyeol staring at him on the doorway. 


"I can't believe you hung up on me!" his arms were crossed in front of him and Baekhyun laughed at his upset puppy face. 


They got quiet when Sehun flipped on his mat and murmured something under his sleep. Chanyeol crawled towards Baekhyun and laid beside him, still mad. 


The eldest laughed and whispered a small "I love you", before Chanyeol hugged him and both of them fell asleep. 

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zereshki #1
Chapter 4: so so cute
and how history repeated , tnx .
XiaoShixun #2
Chapter 1: awwwwww
irkifluz #3
Chapter 4: Domestic au made me all gooey inside!!
ichathoriqlover #4
Chapter 4: oh my, I love this story sooo much. chanbaek domestic lives are so colourful, right....and add kaisoo and sehun to the mix, it's like a never ending party. love it
Chapter 4: Oh my God this is such a really cute and sweet and lovely and beautiful story ㅠ ㅠ I love all of the characters, I love the story, I love everything <333 Thank you for this wonderful piece, Author-nim. It really warms my heart reading all the chapters :')
Chapter 4: I like it a lottttttt...it's so cute~~~
The relationship between chanyeol baekhyun and kyungsoo sehun.almost like parent and kids but also close friends.
I need more of this
zengkelly #7
Chapter 4: Awww i was hoping for jealous sehun and kyung
iambryand #8
Hollafloqa #9
Chapter 4: this was so incredibly cute :") today was really tough for me and this alleviated some of my stress and reminded me that loves still exists lmao , thank you for writing authornim! have a great day!