Runaway You


If I didn't meet him in the first place, my life would go as wonderful as it was before. However, I learn that people come and go into someone's life with their own reason. Some, are staying because they're meant to be together and some, are leaving because they aren't worth enough. 
But, he never leave or stay with me. Now, I wonder what fate is bounding us? Together or be parted away.


Hey, everyone! Runaway You is my second story after I took forever hiatus.jk. It's been a long time since I write story in English np. English is not my first language. So, I hope you can excuse lots of errors and so. I tried my best to review my stories first before I upload it and I hope you guys will love it.
Because I was '98 liner, I hope Seventeen will be my last bias because I know I will become a 'noona' for upcoming groups who haven't debut yet. Seungcheol is my bias, okay? The 12 others are my ultimate bias wreckers! So, before they ruin my S.Coups mood, I want to finish this story as fast as possible.
mayor cast : Cho Eunhee, Choi Seungcheol
minor cast : SEVENTEEN & OC
story calendar : started/ended = (n/a) / (n/a)
song theme : Woozi Ideal Cut Solo - What Kind Of Future
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GUys! Wish me luck todayy. My college exam result is up on 2 pm. 8 hours to go TT_TT


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Beatriche #1
Chapter 13: Chapter 12: nice fic! I like it a lot and I hope this is not the end, pleasee
Chapter 10: things are getting interesting here, yay! keep up the good work, i'm looking forward to the upcoming chapters:)
Whitebread312 #3
Chapter 10: I liked the story a lot actually, keep on writing! Fighting !!