It Was the Cat [One~Shot]

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"That was definitely not what you two expected when his hyung invited you over to spend a cool night with some boys from college. You thought they were going to share crazy histories like who pranked a professor the best and who got extremely drunk at the last party, but no. Astrophysics seemed to be the high point of those conversations."






• This is about BAP's Zelo and you;
• He's not famous, but it really doesn't matter much;
• As stated with the title, it's an One~Shot.
• This is not Rated M, but it's a little risque :B (Absolutely nothing explicit)



Hiiii ^^  It's been a long time I don't post anything, oh my T-T Last year was my senior year in college, so I barely had time, I'm sorry T-T But I wrote some few things and here I am again! :D
This fanfic was a request that one of my best friends. She's Zelo biased, so yeah, there's a lot of Zelo here '-' Nana, this is for you
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This amazing cover was made by my supa dupa sista WinterMadness! Go check out her work and make requests for your stories too!

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