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The moment Kim Jongin walked into the class and sat down next to Jeon Mira, she knew something was off about him. Especially his unwavering determination to befriend her. Who in the right mind would befriend her, out of all people? She was nothing special or noticeable — rather short, underweight, and with the hobby of reading and wasting her time on the internet. 
But two years later, they had become close friends. There was nothing off about Jongin, really; he was a boy with a burning passion for music and dancing. A normal person. Almost.
Then he blew up the chemistry classroom and killed the chemistry teacher.
"That," Jongin said, "was supposed to happen after you graduated high school."


“There’s a statue,” I stated, a bit stupidly.


Kai followed my pointed finger. "Yes, there is," he replied sarcastically. "Good job."


"Who's it of?"




I raked my mind for anything about the Titan, but the only thing I quite remembered about him was that he was tied to a cliff and an eagle came and harassed him daily. Some kind of punishment. Maybe my mind was jumbled up from the Awakening, but I couldn’t recall any details about Prometheus. "Why?" I asked instead.


Kai  stopped short for a second, as if thinking. "We're warriors," he replied, voice now soft -- even with my hearing, it was still quiet. "In some stories, Prometheus was a great warrior too. He was the one who brought fire to mankind, even though he knew the risk he was taking — because mankind was his creation and he loved them. And because of that, he was chained up by the gods to eternal torment. We must fight like Prometheus — knowing the risks, we must still push forward."


Dead silence followed his words.


"Well," I muttered finally, taking one last look at the statue. "That's depressing."


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I've always been a huge fan of fantasy stories -- at least, well written ones. I also write them better than other genres -- it's actually relatively easier for me to think of a proper plot and conflict, etc. Not to mention that Kim Jongin is my spirit animal. 


Things to be noted:

>Inspired by The Mortal Instruments, The Grisha Trilogy. There will be a couple of resemblences to those to stories, but other than that, it's all my own plot. It's going to branch out more nearing the middle and end, though I'm hoping there aren't too many resemblances. 

>Will have considerably more swearing and inappropriate jokes than my last fic -- however, it won't have explicitly gory details or , therefore, it most likely won't be rated M.

>I reply to all comments; those are encouraged! They inspire me.

>A lot of action.

>Plot may be complicated (?).

>I try to update once a week on Saturdays, but that won't be gaurenteed when school starts.


Update on January 8th, 2017: i'm sorry i'll try to update at least once a month lol


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Thanks to Korey for beta-ing for me; I know I have a lot of silly errors.


©Emilieee 2016


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