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a half social awkward person
Current status// dying
#usually reply fast unless busy
#nee or any nickname
#weakness zhu yilong x bai yu ; w ;

About Me

Park jimin - bts
jeon jungkook - bts
Get to know me!
hi! i'm nee or also known as min. a rather reserve infj that enjoy talking and goofy around with ps mostly. grandma of 5 cats
Fair Warning!
I'm simply here with purpose of enjoying design. I enjoy interacting with people but i do have my own boundary. It takes me feeling comfortable for you to meet my goofy, weird demon.
my wall are open for conversation or pm so do utilized that feature. no ads tho!
any ads will be removed and instant block! :]
small secrets!
I'm all open with ps/designs questions and learning/sharing tips bcs everyone have their own twist and tricks in designing.
addicted to bts and have been hooked by jimin's sweet smile along with nochu big eyes.
fully devoted to jikook but i have soft spot for taegi ;w;
browsing webtoon = TB, TMCM, LP, ILY, Saphie, Murrz