Fire to Ash

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Some say that he is a cruel king.


The cities burning. Men, women and children alike slaughtered. He doesn’t have mercy, to enemy and subject both. He doesn’t blink when he kills. He rules with an iron fist to keep everyone in check and to keep a sturdy grip on the throne. Many rumours circulate about how he murdered his older brother in battle just so he could have the throne.   


Some say he’s a good king.


Despite the battles waged, he’s kept the kingdom safe. People can walk in peace and not fear for their lives because their borders are secure. While he is firm with his rulings, he is still just.  


No one disagrees that he’s mysterious. The common folk do not know his name, much less have they seen his face. He's referred to as "the King" or "His Majesty" when he's mentioned on the streets. He wraps himself in the cloak of night when he battles, and when dawn breaks, he’s fleeting and then gone.


But most of all, I think he’s a lonely king.


It’s the way his fingers linger at the windowsill, mere centimeters away from where the sunlight is flooding in, but not quite touching it. It’s the way he stares out listlessly at the rolling green hills and winding rivers sparkling in the sun, though he can never quite reach it.


When King Chanyeol is simply like that, by himself, I don’t see him as cruel, good, or mysterious. He’s simply lonely, and that’s perhaps the worst one to be.



They say what you’ve done in your past life determines how your next life will be like.


Chanyeol thinks he must’ve destroyed the kingdom ten times over in his past life.


And maybe, he thinks bitterly, Maybe I’ll do the same this life so the person in the next life has to suffer too. It’s only fair, isn’t it?






THIS IS GOING TO BE FOUR CHAPTERS AND THEN AN EPILOGUE. EVERYONE SHOULD SLAP ME IF IT GOES LONGER. LITERALLY. It was originally going to be a long oneshot but I want to rotate with chapters in CY’s POV and the OC’s so now it’s four chapters :’)


Notes before you read:


>It’s not extremely clear in the description, but Chanyeol can’t touch sunlight or he’ll turn to ash. Which is where Fire (Chanyeol) to Ash comes from.

>There’s a whole theme of reincarnation going on. If your wrongs outweigh your good in your life, your next life will be miserable and terrible and stuff. And vice versa.

>Um angst probably

>King AU if you haven’t noticed but you probably have

>Why am i starting this you may ask i don’t know either okay





Look at this fanart I am so inspired asdfghjkl


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[06/08/2017] Part 1 is up, and I think the word count is around 6000.

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Chapter 8: Thanks!!!
stephanie1138 #2
Chapter 8: One word: Mind blowing.
Usually I'll leave a lengthy comments on any stories that I've read. But for this one, I'm not sure why am I feeling lost about what to say. So just bear with my nonsense.
In my opinion, this story is well structured. I can tell that you do have talent in writing through every little detail that you leave. Most of the time, other beginner writer tend to insert details that unnecessary which kind of make the stories too compact. But, yours is different. It added some kind of special effects (it's really hard to explain with word). Annnddd, I also love how unexpected the turn of event. Like how Chanyeol end dying. I keep expecting that Chanyeol will never die like he has a supernatural power. (Cough *fire* cough) Though the epilogue is quite short, but I do find it okay because you're making the readers to solve the puzzle about what's coming. It's just that I hope you could make the ending a little bit specific to sum up the story in a better way.
«Basically, this story is worth reading. I do find it interesting. Sometimes, I try to claim that certain part of it are cliche but you prove it otherwise by including various details and plot twist making it interesting. Btw, congrats for being feature. Hope you could gain more readers.»
Chapter 8: i am kinda lost . so chanyeol is really dead . and reborn as a commoner . and their love was just meant to be wasted . kinda left me with empty feeling
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 8: This story has hurt my feelings lol But I'm so glad that you went a poignant and memorable route with the ending, as horrific as it is. Noooooooothing good came of the relationships in this story. That's really something! Especially as the story wasn't bleak from the get-go. I'm glad I read this after seeing it get featured. And I'm even more glad because my bias was the star of one of your creative storylines. Thank you!
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Congrats on the feature ^^
Congrats on the feature, we need fluffy Chanyeol with a tragic wnd once in a whileㅋㅋ
Congrats! <3
EMILYYY congrats on the feature!!! It's been so long since I have read this story but just reading the title makes me feel ~things~ already from King Chanyeol.
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eliang_ #9
Chapter 2: Why do i have a feeling that Jinhwan is one of those people who spreads rumor about Yeol? Or maybe he’s just a plain jerk to Seolhwa
eliang_ #10
Chapter 1: I know it’s angst and i’ll probably end up being emotionally invested in this fic but i’m still gonna continue reading because it’s really good