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Please do message me/comment on my stories if you want to send a friend request. I'm quite open to those, but I'd like to at least know your username first.


I prefer no ads (especially roleplay; I don't do that). If you want me to read a story and give feedback on it, it's best that you just ask me to through a wall message or PM. I won't read stories on request otherwise. 



Ezekiel 36:26

About Me



  E M I L I E E E

Hi! Call me Emily. 


I'm an aspiring author who's been on this site for now almost 6 years. If you're here because of my stories, I write EXO x OC fics, most of which happen to be Baekhyun (because I'm lowkey biased). A lot of my works are also fantasy/action, with an occasional slice of life. 

If you want to ask me questions, go to my curious cat! I talk to people more on twitter too, and occasionally post snippets and updates of my fics.  

My ultimate bias is Baekhyun, but some other artists i like listening to are: taeyeon, iu, red velvet, sleeping at last, day6, btob. 
A quick get to know me: 
Favourite Color: Turqouise
Favourite albums: city lights, dear my dear, exodus, atlas i
Favourite Books: The Grisha Trilogy, Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, klara and the sun
Favourite Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Favourite Movies: Lord of the Rings/A lot of the Marvel franchisE, the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise
Favourite anime(s): my hero academia, haikyuu!! 
Favourite Drama: A love So Beautiful
Feel free to PM me or wall message me if you ever want to talk, especially about things I've listed above! 
Feel Free to check out my fics! Below is a list of what I've written. Click the link to be redirected. 

**please note that darkest hour is unlisted and privated, and i will not be accepting requests to read it. thank you for understanding! 


Cutlass ..... Baekhyun x OC, Pirate!AU, high Fantasy, Action, Angst, Romance. Completed


X MARKS THE SPOT ..... SEquel to CUTLASS. Baekhyun x OC, Jongdae x OC, Pirate!AU, high Fantasy, Action, Angst, Romance. Completed.


Crescendo ..... Baekhyun x OC, Slice of life, romance, healing, schoollife, angst. Short Story, Completed. 


On Angels Wings ..... Baekhyun x OC, Angel!AU, Angst, romance. Completed. 


The Fourth Sin ..... Baekhyun x OC, Pandora's Box AU, fantasy, Dystopian, action, adventure, romance. discontinued.


Fearless ..... Baekhyun x OC, school life, romance, angst, fluff. Completed.


Sea of Flames ..... Baekhyun x OC, Fantasy, Fluff, Romance. One shot, Completed


Touch of Hades ...... Chen x OC, Assassin!Au, fantasy, action, romance. Ongoing


EVERY FRAYED EDGE ...... Chen x OC, Highschool!Au, coming of age, healing, angst, romance. Ongoing


Prometheus ..... Kai x OC, fantasy, action, romance. Ongoing.


Windwalker ...... D.O x OC, assassin!au, prince!Au, fantasy, action, adventure, romance. Ongoing


Fire to Ash ..... Chanyeol x OC, romance, fluff, angst, action. Completed.  


Here are a couple of fics from friends that I would recommend! Check them out in your spare time :) 

Attayear .... Baekhyun x OC, Korekrytpa 


Borderlander ..... Chanyeol x OC, Korekrytpa


Draw me a Date .... Yixing x OC, Korekrypta 


All Falls Down ..... Baekhyun x OC, Sooyoung2345


Dusk Til Dawn .... Baekhyun x OC, sooyoung2345