The Check Out

The Veterinarian Who Caught Kris's Eyes (Three-shots) [COMPLETE] - (req)
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{BGM: GOT7 - Something Good}


It was the last day of the week, Saturday, to be exact. Kris has yet to return. Mia, on the other hand, didn't look like she cares. Nina wondered if Mia was a little girl, what would the child actually feel? Sad? Or would she pretend not to care, while the truth is deep down, she's waiting for him to pick her up.

Nina caressed Mia's head on the front desk. The kitten was laying on stomach with her head rested on the table in a bored manner. Nina could actually hear the kitten sighing, glancing at Mia's curved stomach huffing did the trick. 

'Should I call him?' Nina thought, pitying Mia. The vet was about to close and call it a day because Saturday was a half day. But, if there was any emergency, the customers can call the Choi's home landline. Choi's veterinary isn't one of those expensive vets, their employees are volunteers, mostly teenagers. They come in and help clean the cages, give the animals food and baths, play with them. The kids seemed to enjoy doing it even without being paid. 

Nina was about to close the veterinary but halted in her steps when the tiny bell on top of the door, rang. Kris came in, looking distraught, not sure why, though. 

He approached the front desk with caution, eyes fixed on Mia and Nina. 

"Good afternoon," Nina greeted with a smile "Mia, your daddy is here," The girl cheered. 

Mia was on her four legs, meowing excitedly at the sight of Kris nearing her. "Hey there kitten," Kris peck

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Chapter 3: Aww authornim.....wonderful story...why it has to be short :(
Chapter 3: i love it!!!! i wish there was more to it though.
Chapter 3: Love love love it! thanks for sharing this beautiful story :)
fish0898 #4
the story is so lovely...i wish i was longer though :'(
Mia is for fanfic & the real life for cute!
Are u have pets? I was ever have cat but she die because sick so thank you very much for makin this story for me #touched
the man has pets is good man u know~
KPOP_survivor #6
Ohh this looks interesting hehe:3 gonna start reading it now :D
Chapter 3: This story is soooooo cute and short. Naw
givemeahug #8
This was really cute ^^
Chapter 3: Its short because I'm too enjoyed read it ): hope you can make epilogue *puppy eyes mode on