The Check In

The Veterinarian Who Caught Kris's Eyes (Three-shots) [COMPLETE] - (req)
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{BGM: GOT7 - See The Light}


"Good afternoon, Mr. Lee" Nina greeted the customer with a friendly face. 

The old man returned her gesture, "I'm here to pick up Jaggeun," The latter glanced past Nina to see if his dog was behind her. 

Nina nodded her head "Okay, this is the bill and you need to sign here, I'll go get Jaggeun for you." She did as she said she would, she went to the dog section of resting area and got the man's dog. 

"Jaggeun-ah, come on boy! Your dad is here." She said to the dog. Jaggeun is a cute Siberian Husky, male, 5 months old. He got along with the rest of the dogs in the vet and he was easy to take care of. 

Nina clasped a leash around his collar and took him to the front, to see his owner. Once the dog saw his keeper, he excitedly leaped onto the old man, howling with excitement. 

They laughed "Aww, he really missed you, Mr. Lee. And I have to say he behaved very well." Nina comment. 

Mr. Lee glanced down at Jaggeun who was already staring at him, the man beamed at his pet "Good boy," He patted Jaggeun's head before turning his attention back to Nina "Thank you so much, Nina. Send my regards to your grandmother." 

The girl nodded her head compliantly "I will, thank you for trusting us with Jaggeun again!" She said as they left the vet. 

Nina was about to head back to check on the animals when the bell on top of the door rang, she eyed the customer and the cat in the cage carefully. "Good afternoon," She greeted. 

The male who was supposedly in his mid 20's lifted his head and met Nina's eyes. "H-Hi," He stuttered which he quickly recovered after seconds later as he glanced down at his wristwatch. 

"I'm here for my cat's boarding house," 

Nina's mouth formed into an 'o' shape "Ah, you're the one that called yesterday? Mr. Wu?" She asked, just for confirmation. 

He nodded his head, eyes never leaving hers. 

"I need you to fill in this form, and this is the entrance fees." She handed him a pen because he was looking around for one. 

The store was back to silence as the latter quietly filling out the form. "What is your cat's name?" Nina asked. 

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Chapter 3: Aww authornim.....wonderful story...why it has to be short :(
Chapter 3: i love it!!!! i wish there was more to it though.
Chapter 3: Love love love it! thanks for sharing this beautiful story :)
fish0898 #4
the story is so lovely...i wish i was longer though :'(
Mia is for fanfic & the real life for cute!
Are u have pets? I was ever have cat but she die because sick so thank you very much for makin this story for me #touched
the man has pets is good man u know~
KPOP_survivor #6
Ohh this looks interesting hehe:3 gonna start reading it now :D
Chapter 3: This story is soooooo cute and short. Naw
givemeahug #8
This was really cute ^^
Chapter 3: Its short because I'm too enjoyed read it ): hope you can make epilogue *puppy eyes mode on