The Veterinarian Who Caught Kris's Eyes (Three-shots) [COMPLETE] - (req)
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{BGM: GOT7 - Can't}


It was middle of the week, Mia didn't sit somewhere in the corner and wait for her keeper like most pets do, she's just a bundle of joy - energetic. 

Since Mia was a kitten and the only cat in the vet, Nina decided to take Mia into the house she lives with her grandmother. The old lady didn't mind because, she too, loves animals as much as Nina does. That was why she's willing to open a veterinarian at an old age. 

On the day, Nina would take Mia to the vet; at night, she took the little kitten home. Mia likes to sleep with Nina, wherever Nina goes, she follows. 

"That's not a coincidence, Nina. That kitten chose you to be with her master." Nina's grandmother chirped from the kitchen as she prepares her tea. 

Nina only shook her head, picking up Mia from the floor "Silly grandmama," She whispered, "You only like me because I give you food and shelter, right?" Mia continued to stare at Nina. However, Nina couldn't help it but to ask the kitten "You like me because you want me to be with him?" Mia meow-ed. 

"I told you so," 

Nina shrieked, almost dropping the poor kitten. She hugged Mia and muttered an apology to the kitten, both of them then head to Nina's room. 

While Nina and Mia were busy playing on the bed, Nina's phone rang. 


They would usually just text each other, not call. Nina answered the phone "Hello," 

"Hey! It's Kris." 

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Chapter 3: Aww authornim.....wonderful story...why it has to be short :(
Chapter 3: i love it!!!! i wish there was more to it though.
Chapter 3: Love love love it! thanks for sharing this beautiful story :)
fish0898 #4
the story is so lovely...i wish i was longer though :'(
Mia is for fanfic & the real life for Rourou..so cute!
Are u have pets? I was ever have cat but she die because sick so thank you very much for makin this story for me #touched
the man has pets is good man u know~
KPOP_survivor #6
Ohh this looks interesting hehe:3 gonna start reading it now :D
Chapter 3: This story is soooooo cute and short. Naw
givemeahug #8
This was really cute ^^
Chapter 3: Its short because I'm too enjoyed read it ): hope you can make epilogue *puppy eyes mode on