Chasing After Time


A collection of GFriend fics.

Latest: Not the Same (SinB/Sowon)


"Chasing after time" is from the lyrics of Rough. That part had a few different translations, but I liked this one the best. At least for a fic title, haha.

Table of Contents

1. Painting Tomorrow (SinB/Yerin): fluff, hurt/comfort

2. My Answer Is You (SinB/Yerin): fluff

3. If I Fall (Yuju/Sowon): hurt/comfort

4. Burning Unseen (Yerin/SinB): high school AU

5. Ready If You Are (SinB/Umji): idol AU

6. Just This Once (SinB/Yerin): fluff

7. Flower Bud (Yerin/Sowon/SinB): Hanahaki AU

8. At a Standstill (Sowon/Yerin): university AU, angst

9. Do's and Dont's (Sowon/Yeri): superheroes AU

10. Not the Same (SinB/Sowon): fluff

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"Flower Bud" has been continued. Check out "Not in Our Will"!
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