Painting Tomorrow (SinB/Yerin)

Chasing After Time

A/N: This is my first GFriend fic and I honestly should not be writing one yet because I don't know them well enough (the characterization literally all comes from Weekly Idol), but when inspiration strikes you at 1:30 am, you don't tell it to take a backseat. Also, SinB is too cute for me to resist. What a precious little baby :3

Title is taken from Trust and specifically the lines "We grow a little deeper each day. That's how we paint tomorrow. The moment we feel we are together." Somewhat inspired by a tweet I read that Yerin was criticized for her "ugly crying face." What is wrong with people. =.=

Sinbi is still holding the bouquet from their latest win when she finds Yerin slumped over on a bench backstage. At the sound of her footsteps, Yerin instantly straightens and looks up, smile already in place, the model idol.

“Unnie,” Sinbi starts, and stops there, unsure of how to continue. In lieu of speech, she holds out the bouquet toward Yerin, who takes it as if moving on instinct.

“Thank you,” Yerin says, smile still on her face, although it’s gone slack at the corners, like it’s coming loose.

Sinbi takes a seat next to her. “We’re not onstage anymore. There aren’t any cameras around. You don’t have to…”

“We always have to.” The smile finally slides off Yerin’s face. She brushes her thumb against a flower petal – Sinbi doesn’t know what kind of flower it is, but it’s lavender and pretty, still glistening with water droplets. A couple of wins ago, Sinbi might have thought they’re tears.

She still can’t believe how many times they’ve won. It had seemed like only a blink of an eye ago when they talked about even winning once like a dream, one that seemed too distant to even picture. Now, though, she has a picture – a collage of pictures – that she’ll never forget: the stage with sunbaes around them that she had previously only seen in screens and posters, the announcement of Yeolja Chingu! like the sweetest of music, the trophy, impossibly heavy in her hands, her members in various states of wonder and joy around her, and then the whole scene blurring in front of her and she had no idea that she was crying until she was pulled into a hug and her tears found home in Yerin’s shirt.

“Yerin unnie.” Sinbi puts an arm around Yerin and pulls her closer. Yerin lets her head flop against Sinbi’s shoulder, seeming completely drained. Usually, she’s the most hyperactive one along with Sinbi, but Sinbi suddenly wonders what the price of her energy is. “Are you—”

“I’m okay,” Yerin cuts her off before she can finish the question. “Well, I will be. Don’t worry.”

Sinbi knows she means that she’ll act like she’s okay once they have an audience again. Yerin’s always been good at that, at putting on the brightest smile when she’s crying the hardest inside.

“You can take a nap,” Sinbi suggests.

“What, on your shoulder?”

“I can piggyback you and you can sleep on my back.”

Yerin breathes out a quiet laugh. “Yeah, I’m sure you can carry me all the way to the van.”

“I’ve been working out a lot lately,” Sinbi says proudly. “You’d be surprised at how much I can lift.”

Yerin lifts her head and looks at Sinbi with a fond smile, not her smile for the cameras but her smile for Sinbi. “You’re always surprising me,” she says. “Like the time you ate a whole jumbo box of cherry tomatoes in one go.”

“Yuna unnie wanted to play chubby bunny and they tasted good!” Sinbi says. “Besides, I didn’t eat the whole box. Yuna unnie put like twelve in .”

“Yeah, she told me you scared her because you looked like a vampire chipmunk with your mouth full and tomato juice all over it.”

Sinbi pokes Yerin’s cheek. “You’d make a cute chipmunk.”

Yerin smiles again, and Sinbi grins back, accomplished. “If I’m a chipmunk, what would you be?”

Sinbi frowns, thinking hard about it. “Can’t I be a chipmunk with you too?” she finally asks, when she can’t think of an appropriate species.

Yerin’s smile softens. “Of course you can. We can be chipmunks together.”

Sinbi beams. “I heard chipmunks fall asleep holding hands.”

Yerin blinks. “They have hands?”

“Of course they have hands!” Sinbi says indignantly. “Haven’t you seen them holding the nuts they eat?”

“I think I’m seeing a nut right now,” Yerin says wryly.

“Unnie,” Sinbi whines, knocking her shoulder against Yerin’s.

Yerin laughs. “You know, you say you hate aegyo but you have the cutest aegyo.”

“No, you do,” Sinbi says. No one’s cuter than Yerin. “Oh, and I think I remembered the chipmunk thing wrong. It’s otters that fall asleep holding hands.”

“We otter try that sometimes,” Yerin says, and Sinbi laughs so hard she almost chokes. When she recovers, massaging her sore ribs, she finds Yerin looking at her with an intense yet soft expression, like she’s trying to engrave this moment into her memory.

Sinbi’s hand finds its way into Yerin’s, and she holds on tight.

“Are you starting now?” Yerin asks. “I don’t know if I’m ready to sleep yet.”

“Yerin unnie,” Sinbi says seriously. “You shouldn’t listen to what other people are saying. You can listen to Buddies and the members – and me. But don’t listen to the antis. They’re not worth it.”

Yerin looks at her like she’s saying you’re worth it. “I’m listening to you right now.”

Sinbi finds her face warming from the force of Yerin’s gaze and drops her eyes. They land on the bouquet of flowers in Yerin’s lap, completely forgotten, and she picks them up. “These are pretty, aren’t they?”

“Not as pretty as you.” Yerin laughs at the way Sinbi’s face scrunches up. “Hey, you sounded like you were leading up to that.”

“The trophy is pretty too,” Sinbi says. “All the trophies. I didn’t think we would win so many.”

Yerin slides her thumb across Sinbi’s palm, and Sinbi shivers slightly. “I didn’t think so either.”

“I dreamed about it,” Sinbi admits, “and one time it was so realistic that when I woke up I was really sad.” turns downward at the memory. “I almost cried.”

“Eunbi,” Yerin says softly.

It’s almost strange to hear that name, her real name. Even her members call her Sinbi now, because it’s too confusing with two Eunbis in the group. Yerin sometimes just calls her “Bi,” the single syllable laced with enough affection to stretch it out into something like a phrase: “you’re cute,” maybe, or “I like you.”

“You were there though,” Sinbi says, smiling now. Yerin is always there for her. “You made it better.”

“Eunbi,” Yerin says again, her voice soft and thick, like the blankets they keep at the back of the closet for nights that are especially cold, whether from snow or doubt.

Sinbi bites her lip. “I want to be able to make it better for you too, unnie.”

Yerin leans forward and presses their foreheads together for a moment before doing the same with their lips. “Bi,” she says. “You already do.”

A/N: Otters really do fall asleep holding hands. Look how precious :3

Practically the same thing:

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