4 times Jessica tells Tiffany “I love you” (+1 time Tiffany tells Jessica)


“We did it,” Tiffany whispers into Jessica’s neck, voice suddenly a lot quieter, like this is something she wants to share with Jessica alone. “Jessi, we did it.”


This was originally posted in October 2012. Years ago, I went through this purge where I deleted almost all my fics written before 2014 because I thought they were too cringey. I suddenly had a desire to revisit them and realized that some of them are actually not bad so I thought I'd repost them. It's a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Original A/N:
As advertised, pretty much. I can't stop writing them. Grr, Jeti, why you so addictive?
*Edited 12/03/13 for some minor grammatical/structural things.
*Edited again 12/15/14.

As an experiment of sorts, I put this into a Google Doc and used suggestions mode to do editing and also added comments, if anyone wants to see my editing process and thoughts on the fic. It was fun; I might do it again for another fic.

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