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If you're extremely bored, feel like procrastinating on that incredibly frustrating math homework, trying to escape from social interactions with that one crazy aunt, attempting to be a hermit, or simply just craving a good read, come here to fulfill all your fangirl needs! 

This list features a wide variety of works, including genres such as romance, fantasy, action, drama, slice of life, and much more! It is guaranteed that all stories have been personally read and reviewed by yours truly, Vixxy. This includes the close review of plot, presentation, thoughtfulness, character development, description, complexity, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and overall qualty of writing - you won't be disappointed! 

I am currently working on getting more groups/idols in here to cater to a wider audience! 

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General Rules/Information: 

1. All featured stories will either OC X Member, OC X Multiple Members, Members themselves (No , though) or on occasion, Female Idol X Member. 

2. No . If some stories do contain ual content however, I will inform readers in the recommendation.

3. No or Yuri

4. All rated fics will be marked as so. 

6. Personal favorites will be marked with **

7. Several recommended stories may be Subscribers Only


The Format of Recommendations:

1. Title

2. Author(s)

3. Genre (This can be themes, traditional genres, or concepts such as 'soulmates')

4. Reader info (Subscribers only, Rated M, etc...)

5. Description (Literally just the description that the author wrote for the story)

6. Why should you read this? (An explanation and reasoning as to why I have chosen this fic to be worthy of a recommendation)

7. If Rated M, an explanation will be provided. 

8. A link to the fic. 


Idols/Groups Included Currently:

1. EXO (All Members)












Kris (Coming soon)

2. BTS


Jin(Coming soon)




Rap Monster


3. GOT7 (Other members coming soon)



If you have a fic that has potential to be a recommended story on this list, please comment below!

However--please do not expect everything to make it into the recs. It's important to take into account that stories must also be in my personal taste to be candidates for recommendations.




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Title: Tugging on a Werewolf’s Heartstring
Author: wokainight
Genre: supernatural, romance
Reader Info: subscriber only
Pairing: exo x oc
Summary:“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once”
Kwon Jooeun was already in college despite her age of seventeen. An intelligent and valiant flower like her stood upon many but no one really wanted to befriend her, she never knew why but they just don’t. Only a delicate girl named Shin Maeya did. One day Jooeun’s class had an riveting discussion about supernatural creatures, and it just so happens that she chooses to center on werewolves. Never could Jooeun guess that such a trivial assignment could lead her to a whole heap of adventures.

Reasons: it's ot12 ; w ; and the author's just come back to finish the fic and ugh it's so good!

summertwinkle #2
Chapter 25: I totally concur with this recommendation. There's a sequel to this and the author is in the works of concluding the series. What makes this fanfic so unique is the emotions, written in a kind of stream of consciousness way. The timeline is unimportant and it drifts between present and some flashbacks. Despite the lack of action in the story, since the whole story is just one action: taking care of Chen, it's rich to the brim and all kinds of feels, sweetness and hope, nostalgia, despair and angst. It's very focused on Chen and OC (Tazzer) but there are other EXO appearances that don't distract from the main characters. I like OT12 but sometimes when authors try to fit everyone in, they distract from the core of the story making the over characterizations of the core characters weak. This one is personally on my ***** favourite list.
mira1703 1 points #3
Chapter 15: Try to look at suga fic call amor vincit omnia
1 points #4
Chapter 131: I think I'm in a Kai fic marathon or something XD Another sad one tho, but it sounds good so I'll give it a shot :)
Chapter 127: Oooh, I'll check this one out! Sounds really good
Thanks for creating this list of recommendations, it's so useful and really well made. Most of the ff I've read so far, I found them here! Thanks for updating often too!
1 points #7
Chapter 104: LOVE THIS ONE great suggestion! thank you!
1 points #8
Chapter 55: *cries* I just read this story, and it was so, so, so beautifully written! I definitely wouldn't have stumbled upon it without this rec list, so thank you so much for sharing!
SweetKristy 1 points #9
Thank you for this!! *_*