Death by Bratz is not how I thought I’d perish.


But nope. I guess I’m going to die right here, as these girls make mincemeat of my internal organs.


“Let me have at her first,” Jade growls, cracking her fists. Cloe scoffs.


“Are you kidding? I’m the one who tracked her down.”


“You already scratched her, Cloe!” Yasmin exclaims. “You’ve had your turn!”


“That didn’t even count! It was barely a graze!”


I sigh, kicking aside a few rotting leaves and taking a seat on the rough forest floor.


“Are you guys done?” I ask wearily. “Can someone just take me out?”


Shut up!” they screech in unison. I glumly rest my head on my palms.


“I get that you guys want to savor my demise and all, but if you could just off me, that would be great,” I say.


Sasha looks at me with narrowed eyes. “Why’re you so resigned to your death anyway?”


    “I don’t know. A whole bunch of reasons.” I count them off on my fingers. “I mean, one, Taehyung Kim is the biggest I’ve met in my entire life. He's made my life totally miserable.”


“Taehyung’s a doll, though,” Yasmin croons.


    “No, he’s a . Two, Windsong Prep .”


    “What the- why?” Jade gasps.


    “Oh, I don’t know. The cultish obsession with sports. The cultish obsession with money. The cultish obsession with Taehyung- who is, as previously stated, a .”


    Cloe snorts. “You’re not seriously suicidal over this stuff, right?”


    “These aren’t really the main reasons why.”


    “Then what is?”


    I exhale. “Well, apparently, monsters are real.”  




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................................ ok seriously time to start writing again.


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Foremost #1
Chapter 36: I don't know why I assumed this story was completed but when I saw that this was the Last cahpter of the story I was shook. Now I don't know what to do with my life. I've ben reading your 2 stories since school ended... I need to find me new stories :( I wish you had more. Even if I've read all of your stories maybe I will read TCAAH for the 3rd time :D
Foremost #2
Chapter 31: Soo I wonder, why taehyung is not doing anything about joo being back. I mean he was so desperate to make her leave to protect her. Now she is back and she knows about magic how kado even let this happen. I know jimin can't do anything because he was threaten but tae doesn't know anything. And if he is happy that she is back he doesn't have to torture her any more. I just don't understand ?? I will be glad if you answer me....
thirizxc #3
Chapter 36: Just dropping by again to say I miss this story! ?
Chapter 36: what can I say... DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
avoire #5
Chapter 36: omg it's been a while!!! i even read chapter 34 in order to regaining my memory about the story. as expected from you, every story that you make is incredibly greatttt. i cant wait till this story reached its end. i lowkey ship joo with taehyung tho lollll
jy_TT_123 #6
Chapter 36: Omg. The cliffhanger o.O :P
I just binge read all of your stories these last couple days and all I can say is wow.
I love your stories :D They transfer me into such a different world, and have made my y days so much better :D
Please keep writing, and keep up the amazing work :))
Chapter 36: Hello! Wow this is such a long time since the last time i read fanfic again and yours never failed to excites me, i just want you to know that you're a great writer and i love your story so much! Thank you and keep up the good work! ?
Chapter 36: Hello Author-nim! I wanted to leave you a review to say hi, because I have been really loving your work and I thought it would be very bad of me to read and read and read all your stories and not give anything in return :)
This isn't the only fic I've read of yours - I have also read The Classified Acounts of Amy Hwang (actually it was the first fanfic that I read on this site, and made me want to make an account here) and S*uckerpunch - but I think this is my favourite so far. I find your ideas really compelling, your characters good, and your plot really twisty and interesting. The complexity of your characters is so awesome!
It's hard reading a story where Jimin is so EVIL but I'm getting used to it. Is it fun to write characters like him? Do you have a favourite character to write? I love Joo's snarky attitude, but I also like that she's not impenetrable. She cries, she breaks down, she gets scared, and she's badass but not infallible. I feel like this is a really powerful asset to have when writing characters, because it's easy for your protagonist to be a Mary-sue.
I've been reading your author's notes over the course of this story, about you being diagnosed with illnesses and being homesick in rural Korea and not having a good relationship with your family and getting writer's block. I really hope that you find happiness through your writing and stability in your life, and that being a fanfic author brings you joy. I hope you feel comfortable to go at your own pace, and write how you want and when you want. Don't let people guilt you into writing more chapters if you don't feel like it!! Whatever you post is good enough, and however long it takes (or if you never write again) is not what's important.
Thank you so much for all your hard work <3
minyoungunnie #9
Chapter 36: NOOOO Jimin can't find out about her powers....
So stressed now.
How am I supposed to sleep?!! :<