Death by Bratz is not how I thought I’d perish.


But nope. I guess I’m going to die right here, as these girls make mincemeat of my internal organs.


“Let me have at her first,” Jade growls, cracking her fists. Cloe scoffs.


“Are you kidding? I’m the one who tracked her down.”


“You already scratched her, Cloe!” Yasmin exclaims. “You’ve had your turn!”


“That didn’t even count! It was barely a graze!”


I sigh, kicking aside a few rotting leaves and taking a seat on the rough forest floor.


“Are you guys done?” I ask wearily. “Can someone just take me out?”


Shut up!” they screech in unison. I glumly rest my head on my palms.


“I get that you guys want to savor my demise and all, but if you could just off me, that would be great,” I say.


Sasha looks at me with narrowed eyes. “Why’re you so resigned to your death anyway?”


    “I don’t know. A whole bunch of reasons.” I count them off on my fingers. “I mean, one, Taehyung Kim is the biggest I’ve met in my entire life. He's made my life totally miserable.”


“Taehyung’s a doll, though,” Yasmin croons.


    “No, he’s a . Two, Windsong Prep .”


    “What the- why?” Jade gasps.


    “Oh, I don’t know. The cultish obsession with sports. The cultish obsession with money. The cultish obsession with Taehyung- who is, as previously stated, a .”


    Cloe snorts. “You’re not seriously suicidal over this stuff, right?”


    “These aren’t really the main reasons why.”


    “Then what is?”


    I exhale. “Well, apparently, monsters are real.”  




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................................ ok seriously time to start writing again.

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Deepbluetree #2
Chapter 33: OMg! Thank you! This is amazing as always. I love all the characters you make and their personalities and traits. And I'm sorry to hear about your health... I have PCOS too so I can only imagine how ty things must be. It's really unfair, but life gives you other things to be grateful for. Hang in there!
Chapter 33: Can't wait for your updateeeeeee :))) been coming here Everyday to check since the last update hehehehhe lots of love from sg :)))
Chapter 33: ;#^#&×¥? WHAT WHAT WHAT HA IM DED
k_p_o_p #5
Chapter 33: chapter 33: UPDATE SOON!!
Chaerin_Kim #6
Chapter 33: New reader here and I just caught up the story and hOLY *claps and dies (although I shall rise when the next update comes lol)
avoire #7
Chapter 33: THANK YOU GOD THE IMP DIDNT DIE LMAO. but i wonder whats wrong with lucy, is she getting her memories back without the others knowing? or is it just her trick for something idk will happen soon so she can protect their friends????? okay i know im talking nonsense sorry HAHAHAHH good luck on everything you do author-nim!!
avoire #8
Chapter 32: im sad because the imp died :(((( poor imp
avoire #9
Chapter 31: heyyyy sorry if i'm too late but i just wanna give you a lot of support from here because i love you!! just do your best and we, as your readers, will always be here for you in every situation you had <3
daisy_white #10
Chapter 33: woah!! this is getting exciting, nail-biting!!!