From Hesitation to Eagerness


The cliche, yet saccharine story of the budding love between a young couple. 


 “Happy anniversary!” The parents cheered. “One year of a happy marriage!” I looked to Jackson, who was sitting next to me in the restaurant booth. “They haven’t changed one bit, have they?” He smiled. Our conversation was interrupted as the waitress walked over to our table, holding massive plates of pizza and pasta.


I gaped at the colossal plate of spaghetti which was set down in front of me. “Wow...this is sufficient for at least a couple of full meals.” I whispered. The conversation started up again as everyone began to feast. I was deep in thought when my mom’s voice brought me back to reality. “Everyone, I think it would be appropriate to discuss the silly story of our kids’ first meeting.”


“Oh god, no…” I muttered.


“Ooh, this is going to be good!” My sister laughed. “You guys never told me about this. This is the perfect occasion!” Everyone’s eyes trained on me expectantly. “Well, are you going to tell us what happened?” My dad asked. I let my thoughts wander back in time.

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