Chances Changes
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Jinyoung got the position and being an excited puppy he was, he started as soon as possible. He had found a dormitory near the office, the rent was small so is the room, but it will do. He had not told Jaebum about it yet, partly because the latter wasn’t asking and also because he didn’t see a need for it. It was Friday, Jinyoung was very excited to go home to his parents, but Jaebum had also sent him a message to come over.


Jinyoung went to Jaebum’s house and slipped a note under the door. Just when he was about turn around and leave, he felt a hard chest on his back. He knew it was Jaebum, just by how he smelled; he was then pushed towards the door and kissed outside the apartment.


Amidst the sound and friction of wet muscles, a small metallic sound found its way to Jinyoung’s ear. He never knew Jaebum had a very useful talent, opening the door whilst kissing, hard.


Jaebum broke the kiss once they were inside and he picked up the small paper Jinyong had slipped earlier.


“I stopped by to tell you I’m going home to my parents tonight. I’m sorry, bye!” Jaebum read slowly, his brows knotted closer. After a good thirty second of eye contact, Jaebum walked towards the fridge and pinned the note.


“You may go.” That was the last thing Jaebum said before he went inside his room and locked the door.


And for the first time since they started this kind of relationship, this was the first time Jaebum got mad at him. Not that he was always happy; he was more of looking so-so, not particularly happy, and not particularly sad.


Realizing that he had nothing to do there anymore, Jinyoung left.


“Hey–“ Jaebum expected to see Jinyoung sitting on his couch, waiting for him to bid him goodbye. Cut that bull, he was expecting Jinyoung to stay.


Jaebum snickered and uttered the last word he was about to say, but added something to make himself feel better. “I’m not sorry” He then slept the whole weekend.




It had been two weeks since the last time Jaebum saw Jinyoung, it’s not like he was waiting for him, not that he would admit the aloud. He didn’t even bother to send him a message because, for him, Jinyoung should be the first one to fix whatever he broke, if there was actually something to break.


It had been raining since he woke up; Jaebum had been thinking that his boss probably got too lazy to get out of his bed that he just told everyone that they should take their break today. Jaebum couldn’t be happier, not really, he would have been happie

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freshmiaw #2
Chapter 3: Ugly sobbing in the corner.. :((
Why it's so good
Pum216 #3
Chapter 1: Chapter 3: This is undeniably such a good piece of JJProject. Tho I feel like the ending was a little bit rushing but you created the tension well. Thank you for this fic.
i've promised you that i'm gonna left comments right? now i'm back to leave comment! yaay!
i thought this gonna be sad ending, but fortunately jinyoung come back to jaebum's arm (and would never leave again)
i won't blabbering so much as i want but i'm just gonna say this is pretty touching >< thanks for your good work on jjp fict <3
Chapter 3: It's like I'm stalking each fic you wrote~ the fic is so good
exoshbiased #6
Chapter 3: AAAAAAH. (but the comment should be more than 10 characters so AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.)
hwaiting93 #7
Chapter 3: Hiksss you are a great author :'D
It was so beautiful, simple & so touched
And I love the ending <3
Chapter 3: It's so beautiful ~
jaetika #9
Chapter 3: omg this is so beautiful <3