If It's You


Jinyoung's a bit of an otaku garbage and Jaebum's a popular volleyball player.


Title: If It's You

Author: Czar-Feline

Pairings: JB/JR

Length: One-shot

Status: Complete

Rating: PG13

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Warnings: Bullied!Jinyoung

Disclaimer: This is fanfic is originally requested by my friend. Jinyoung's a weakling here because that was my friend's request. I just changed the names, but yeah, read this if you want to.


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Chapter 1: Awwww this is so cute. I can imagine Jinyoung being all cute and Jaebum always the famous one around students.
Great story like always!!
Oozora1827 #2
Chapter 1: F Y ing I lol......love the story
Chapter 1: Hi~
First of all, I want to say that I had a very good time reading this. I wasn't having a good day and I really needed something like that.
Also I really liked the characters. I don't like voleyball, but still loved JB as a voleyball player. I mean, this can be nothing but hot. I also liked Jinyoung and I don't see any of actions as weaknesses. But I didn't get why Jaebeom talked to Jinyoung like that. Since he thought that Jinyoung was dating Mark, he thought that Jinyoung was cheating on his brother? I liked Jackson protecting Jinyoung tho.
Anyway, it seems that JB has been watching Jinyoung for some time too (that made me happy) and their relationship is really cute. I'm really tired, so my english probably right now, but I hope I managed to tell you how much I liked this fic. Thank you for sharing this story.
hwaiting93 #4
Chapter 1: *fainted with a huge smile*
Chapter 1: Perfect! This was perfect just like always! I realllly missed you though. Glad that u decideed to post this! I needed this in my life tbh i've been so stressed. But thank you for this. I hope to see you again soon!
Chapter 1: The sweetest...I loved this !!
lorena0o0 #8
Chapter 1: OMG ! , OMG !!,OMG!!!, OooooMmmmGggg!!!!!!!!! You are baaaaaack
I am crying right now
Miss u
Miss ur stories
Miss bnior
I love u
Chapter 1: i've been commenting since yesterday but it was never posted :((
well, since i forget what should i say, lets just start a new one /sigh
they're cute together aw! <3 and i love the scene where jaebum (might've been) jealous when jinyoung with mark kkk they're so adorable. and wait, did jackson have a crush for gyeomie? lol! gyeom's hot, ikr xD
welcome back author-nim! 've been missing your jjp fics, honestly kk thanks for the cute story :3
Chapter 1: I always get the feels *-* jjp is so beautiful...♡
Thank you Author-nim ^^