Home Run

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Jaebum couldn't sleep at all again tonight. His work has been extra difficult lately and his back has been aching too. He grimaced from the pain before applying a soothing cream. He should really visit his doctor soon.

He sighed and went back to his bed, grabbing his laptop on his way. His last night search was still on his browser and his heart somewhat throbbed along the pain on his back.

He doesn't really need to wonder about the boy now, all the years he was able to hold back. However, he didn't know why he gave in last night, after knowing the boy's name for years, last night was the first time he searched for him on the internet.


Title: Home Run

Author: Czar-Feline

Pairings: JB/JR

Length: One-shot

Status: Complete

Rating: PG13

Genre: Angst, Slice of life

Warnings: --

Disclaimer: This is unedited. I apologize in advance, I hoped still like this though. Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think about this.

AN:  Hi everyone! This story has been sitting on my notebook for more than a year now. I finally got the chance to actually write it after getting sick and being at home for almost two weeks now.


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bnyoung #1
Chapter 1: neomu sweet❤♾
such a beautiful love story?
Pingpongko #2
Chapter 1: Omg !! This is so sweet
Chopumpkin #3
Chapter 1: no way this this is too beautiful I'm crying T_T
author nim... I really really love your jjp fics it's all pieces of heaven ❤❤❤
please write more jjp *_*
Chapter 1: By the way do you have archive of our own account? Please post this gem in there too! I'm sure jjshippers who aren't here will love this one shot too ;)
Chapter 1: This is beautiful!!!!!!!!! Omfg
Thanks for writing this story and sharing to us :*

I cried when Jaeb confessed huhu
Chapter 1: awww! I missed you so much author-nim! I've been wondering where were you all this time :( are you good?
this is so cuuute I can't help but squealing :')
please write more cute stories ><
Chapter 1: another outstanding fic by you that never fails to amaze me <3
hope you've been well ^^
Chapter 1: My god!!! This is sooooooo lovely!!!! Their love just sooo pure it hurt me..hahaha! Please make more and more JJP fanfic!!.
This is one of a great JJP story. Hope to see another JJP fanfic from you (ง •̀ゝ•́)ง
blaqahgase17 #9
Ahhhhhhh miss u so much T.T
Welcome back Authornim, thank you so much for a new story , i been a fan and i love every one of ur story , all of them are a masterpiece.
Hope u have a Great day everyday and always be happy ~