Fine, Thank You, and You?


When the news broke to Jaebum, all he could do was stare into nothingness. He can still hear the voice of his cousin over the line along with the noises of the nurses and patients passing by him. They were all oblivious of Jaebum’s sudden predicament, all too busy minding their businesses.


Title: Fine, Thank You, and You?

Author: Czar-Feline

Pairings: JB/JR

Length: One-shot

Status: Complete

Rating: PG13

Genre: Angst, Slice of life

Warnings: Minor character death 

Disclaimer: A lot of minor character deaths.

AN: Also, if you guys want to try, you can listen to the songs I listened to while writing this fic.

  • Fine Thank You and You - 10 cm
  • Old Song - Kim Dong Ryul
  • Kiss Me - G.Na
  • Eonjen Ganeun - Lee Sang Eun


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Chapter 2: I kept on crying my gosh all those years they weren't together uggghhh but at least they are together now and until the end of their lives. Jinyoungie in Jaeb's doctor coat is too cute! :3
wanson852 #2
Chapter 2: That feeling when you finished reading the fanfic and all the feels were all around your system and you just don't know what to do but to lay down and cry #ImFine
damnheishot #3
alfsecret #4
Chapter 2: God it's so sad yet so romantic author-nim TT
It's so touching too TT
It makes me think there is a true love (?) :'

Please make a sequel for this story author-nim :' make the story after jinyoung's operation :'
Pweaseee /? *puppy eyes*
Chapter 2: Crying! Beautiful and touching
njlluv #6
Chapter 2: As always,,, your story makes me cry a river
Kennie26 #7
Chapter 2: You make me teared up so many times and i cry in the end TT
love your story.....
Crying a river and welcome back...:')
Chapter 2: You just came back and already making me cry!!! T_T

I've been missing you a lot!!!! <3<3<3<3
rymssx #10
Chapter 2: Omg T.T i cried
I really missed you!! Glad you're back with an amazing story!^^