Chances Changes
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Jinyoung was pulled inside the house the moment he opened the door, he had memorized this already, he will be pushed towards the wall where he would be non-verbally asked to lift his legs and wrap it around Jaebum’s waist. Warm and moist lips would attack his neck, his lips, and everywhere possible to mark. Soon he would be on the bed and the only time he would hear Jaebum talk is when he is worshipping Jinyoung’s body.


His relationship with Jaebum has been like this for months now. Jinyoung had lost himself in responsibilities and decisions after college and Jaebum just had broken up with Mark, his four-year boyfriend. Jinyoung and Jaebum were equally depressed in completely different reasons.




Jinyoung was seventeen when he first saw Jaebum. It was during his first year in college; young and lost. The school where he ended up with wasn’t his first choice, not even one of his choices, ever; he was just forced by the universe and his own carelessness.


He was fine being alone and he had taken that fate already, thinking that if ever it was true, he wouldn’t be disappointed anymore. On the first few days, he went around the school with a classmate who somehow just stayed with him, without even asking if he wants the company, his name is Jackson. He wasn’t bad after all.


Jinyoung and Jackson were in their ‘duo tour’, as the latter calls it when a tall, fair, and an extremely good looking guy walked in front of them. His hair was black and his eyes were sharp, but they were concealed by his eyeglasses. It only lasted for a split second then he was gone.


It was after a semester they found out from their classmates that that guy’s name was Im Jaebum a third-year communication student and a very popular one. If he isn’t MCing a school event, he would be singing or both.




Jinyoung stood up, wore his clothes, and went out of Jaebum’s apartment just how he memorized going in. Jaebum was still asleep and it’s not like they were a thing, no need for morning cuddles, sweet morning kisses, goodbyes or any form of affection. It’s like you eat in a restaurant and leave when you’re done, like and go.


They would continue their own lives for a week or so then it’s either Jinyoung would willingly go to Jaebum’s apartment or the latter would send him a message asking him to come over. They would do it until they can’t and Jinyoung would leave before the morning comes.




On their second year, Jinyoung and Jackson joined the school’s official publication. More like, Jinyoung tagged along with Jackson who was pursuing his college goals. Jackson was a versatile writer; he could shift from news to feature to literature effortlessly while Jinyoung only knew how to write fiction. He was good at it, as Jackson told him a couple of times, but he didn’t know if it was the truth or he was just trying to make him feel better.


That’s how he found out that Jaebum is the current editor-in-chief and that he actually had a boyfriend named Mark, the former managing editor who graduated last year.


Dumbfounded with the newly found information, Jinyoung left the office. Jaebum was his first college crush and it wasn’t some petty crush, it was an admiration in a different level, he had a great respect towards the EIC. Jackson almost gagged when he told him that Jaebum wass almost a demi-god for him.


“I like your story… it was just too long.” Yugyeom said, the current literary editor, when he approached Jinyoung. Yugyeom was also Jaebum’s best friend. Jaebum then came in the office with Mark tailing behind him.


“Hey, Jaebum! Come here.” Yugyeom called him and for whatever reasons, Jinyoung knew that it would be about him. Jaebum sat beside Yugyeom and Mark went to the other side of the room.


“You have already read his story too, right?” the literary editor said and that was when Jaebum looked at Jinyoung.


“Hi!” he said and smiled, “Yeah I did, it was good but I don’t think we can publish something like that unless you change the kissing scene. As much as I like to us to give fresh stories to the students, we’re still a catholic school and we have to consider some things.” He continued and left as soon as he said some word of comfort, which, in other words, meant “You are not bad, but the situation is.”


Jinyoung couldn’t remember what else happened that day and the rest of the semester. He rarely saw Jaebum and when he did, he was with Mark. Who always seemed to be in need of physical connection with him, like how his hand was always clutching on Jaebum’s arm.




When Jinyoung graduated, he had a lot of dreams. But fate was too hard for him and he’s too soft for it, hence he became an emotional up. Four months after his first work, which was okay, but he felt like he was cheated, he resigned.


He stayed home with his parents. He would lie on his bed, awake until three in the morning, thinking about how he ed up. He had thought about it a lot of times, but he never embraced the idea of him being actually depressed. He was a happy person. He was.


Jackson found a work, despite the pay being so low, he enjoyed it. Jinyoung couldn’t help but get a little jealous at it. Jackson knew what was going on with Jinyoung.


“Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ll eventually find it,” Jackson said when he offered to take him out.


“Bambam invited me to the College week, I want to go.” Jinyoung said not looking at his friend, but the moment he did, a bright smile was something he least expected.

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freshmiaw #2
Chapter 3: Ugly sobbing in the corner.. :((
Why it's so good
Pum216 #3
Chapter 1: Chapter 3: This is undeniably such a good piece of JJProject. Tho I feel like the ending was a little bit rushing but you created the tension well. Thank you for this fic.
i've promised you that i'm gonna left comments right? now i'm back to leave comment! yaay!
i thought this gonna be sad ending, but fortunately jinyoung come back to jaebum's arm (and would never leave again)
i won't blabbering so much as i want but i'm just gonna say this is pretty touching >< thanks for your good work on jjp fict <3
Chapter 3: It's like I'm stalking each fic you wrote~ the fic is so good
exoshbiased #6
Chapter 3: AAAAAAH. (but the comment should be more than 10 characters so AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.)
hwaiting93 #7
Chapter 3: Hiksss you are a great author :'D
It was so beautiful, simple & so touched
And I love the ending <3
Chapter 3: It's so beautiful ~
jaetika #9
Chapter 3: omg this is so beautiful <3