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Now that I've returned, which of my fics (to be updated and continued) are you looking forward to the most?

  • Tiny Hearts
  • Two Drink Minimum
  • The Lady N
  • Revol
  • Midnight Winds

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Hello! Kpopnoona here! Welcome to my profile on Asainafanfics. This is where I should tell you a little about me, right? Ok. I'm a professional writer, editor, and published author in real life whose main career is centered around Korean Music and culture. I've been a fan of Kpop for nearly TWO DECADES and I will continue to be a Kpop fan for life. While I have major fan groups and artist that work with on a personal and professional level, at heart I'm a lover of all Kpop. 

Also, I am offering up my services as a proofreader, editor, and co-author to any all writers out there who may need help with their current stories. Please feel free to message me. ^_^

AKTF and, as always, Have a Beautiful Day My Lovelies!


About Me

Know as the "Grammar Unnie" to all my friends, I really enjoy writing - so much that I made a career of it. Words and language can be as poetic and heartwarming as the greatest of love songs or be as painful and melancholic as a funeral. It's up to the writer to bring that emotion to the page and fulfill the words' true intentions. Writing is not only a job for me but a true passion in life. I have been writing essays and stories since I was young and just could never put my pen down. When I realized that I could join my passion for writing with my passion for Kpop, I finally felt like I was on my destined path in life -and I've never looked back.