Tiny Hearts


When two young boys find each other in such a large world, they build an unbreakable friendship. When two men find each other in such a large world, they struggle against a fate already predetermined. 


"Do you think Mama Jae will agree?" questioned the little boy excitedly. 

"I hope so." answered Yunho "Let's hope so."


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hymeki #1
Chapter 11: Woaaahh,, I just found this great fanfic..
I am really drown in the story..
But why this great story stop here (a year after the last update), author-sii?
Please continue and update~ T.T Really love your story ❤
Chapter 11: poor Jae is so stuck in the past that he can't see new love and I hope Yunho won't give up yet - I don't think he will, for that he likes Jae too much, otherwise he would not have become so angry!
I hope Yunho and Changmin will be able to help Jaejoong!
I'm looking forward to the next chapter (I want to know Changmins plan XD) =D <3
Chapter 11: Your update ndynwkzhdjjshs I loooovveeeeee it sooooooo much!!!! *sparkling eyes*
Chapter 11: loved the update! Thanks ^^
jaeminlove #5
Chapter 11: yunho don't give up already u r the only hope for jae
update soon
phinea2009 #6
Chapter 11: I hope things get better for you.

As for Jae, I hope he does give Yunho a chance to get closer to him.
KatTS501 #7
Chapter 10: Please update author-nim
monshine #8
Chapter 10: No.....andwaeeeee.....please don't do this.
jaeminlove #9
Chapter 10: No no no...... u can't do this don't shut him out from your life
Plz don't do it
nanalotus73 #10
Chapter 10: Wow so good !!!. Can't wait to read more !