Two Drink Minimum


Extroverted CEO; and heir of JK Holdings INC.; Jung Yunho lives an opulent life, as one of the most admired members of Seoul’s business elite. Respected around the world, he is known for his tenacity in business, his talent for turning a phrase, his charming and charismatic good looks, and his ability to get things done no matter the cost.


Surrounded on all sides by admirers who practically fawn at the sight of him, or the mere mention of his name, he has had his share of romantic relationships but none of them lasted for far too long. Burned by those who would take advantage of his loving and trusting heart for the advantages of social status and wealth, he slowly began to turn from an extrovert in all things to a recluse in love. Sensing his best friend’s descent into the abyss of self-inflicted single life, Shim Changmin suggests that Yunho check out an open mixer for singles at a local bar downtown. Hesitant at first, fearing that he will be recognized the moment he walks in, Yunho declines the offer but after some gentle reassurances from his most loyal friend, he decides to check it out –never realizing that it would be the best decision he’s ever made in his whole life. 


“You sure about this?” questioned Yunho as he looked at the well-dress man before him.

“Positive,” he answered.

“Come on…” he coaxed playfully “Live a little, Yunho.”

“What if someone sees us?” Yunho questioned worriedly.

“No one will see us. I promise.” reassured the young man as he tugged on Yunho’s arm. “Come on!”

“Alright.” smiled Yunho.


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Chapter 10: This is very... Please update. 🙏🙏😔
Chapter 10: I've been waiting for this :D :D
thank you for the update
i wish you all the best in 2023!
NinePlusOne #3
Chapter 10: Oh no! Can JJ be the beleaguered young master? YH do something to save him!
jjbrownsugga 15 streak #4
Chapter 10: The plot thickens.
Thank you for the update.
Stay healthy.
Chapter 9: oh no, what a cliffhanger!!
Chapter 9: I find this chapter a bit difficult, I hope to get a clear picture in the next one, but I do wonder what Brother Thong asked for...
NinePlusOne #7
Chapter 9: Where did Joon & Su disappear to? Please help YH find JJ!
jjbrownsugga 15 streak #8
Chapter 9: I wonder if Jaejoong is mixed up with this somehow.
Thank you for the update.
jjbrownsugga 15 streak #9
Chapter 9: I wonder if Jaejoong is mixed up with this somehow.
Thank you for the update.
Chapter 8: from time to time I come back to see if there is un update, this story got me real curious