Official Statement From KpopNoona (09/10/2019)



Long-time no see, my Lovelies. 

Today, I would like to address my long hiatus from and announce my current plans to return to the platform. 

First, I must explain that; for personal reasons; I had to take a break from all fanfics on this platform -although, quite, begrudgingly.

My 13-year long marriage ended in spring 2015, and due to that upheaval, I was forced to reorder and restructure my priorities until I was in a comfortable position to return to my "guilty pleasure" of writing fan fictions. When I did return to writing, (09/18/2016) I admit openly that I turned my attention toward a different fandom and -to put it plainly- put all DBSK related fics on the backburner. Mostly because, after years of writing about the subject, I was burned out and lost interest in continuing that work and I didn't have the time to dedicate the necessary effort they (and my readers) deserved. So I put what little effort and time I could spare into "silly" and less-dense stories for this "other" fandom. However, through my journeys in that "other" fandom, I did not forget nor abandon my current DBSK fanfictions all-together. I kept up with their analytics and your comments.

With that being said, I would like to apologies to the long-term supporters of my work. I would also like to announce that as of today (9/10/2019) I currently have plans to SLOWLY return to each fic on this platform and begin updating. I say slowly simply because: Aside from the SIX (still) active works-in-progress on this platform, I also have FOUR multi-chaptered fics on a separate site that still need my attention. 

The Current Plan, as of now, is to first edit: The Lady N (as it's in-narrative time-line is now grossly behind the times) and then push forward with grammatical, style, and structural changes to all live fics (full re-edit, though the story themselves will not lose narrative aspects) Afterwards updates will resume on a split schedule. Where a fic here will get an update, then a fic on the other platform will get an update, and then I will update another fic on this site. Bouncing back and forth until; either; they are completed or a predictable rhythm of updates can be expected and, therefore, be announced as an official schedule. 

With that being said, I do hope that all of you will bear with me while I'm working through this transition and will stick by me through it all. Thank you all, for your continued support and I look forward to interacting with you all; on the regular; once again. 

With Love, 




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jaehoyoosumin #1
I'm just glad that you're back to writing.. Hope all is well with you :)
Cuppaforme #2
Hello Noona, you are one of my favourite yunjae authors and I have been following your pics over the last few years. Been missing all this time and its exciting to know that you are coming back! Highly anticipating your return and looking forward to your works~