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All my stories are in here, as is an about me section, and a list of my K-pop biases.


I blogged about my most played songs of 2021 in here.







And yeah, I'm Chansung obsessed. 


I find Onew insanely beautiful.


Like wtf Baekhyun?!?!?!   



And yeah...


This is being too cute.






❤❤❤ Ten ❤❤❤

WayV] Ten GIF by ryland | Gfycat








May-July 2023


I barely managed to listen to any music this summer, but these are my highlights (pun not intended).


The amount of y in Onew's voice here... off the charts.


Currently my favorite song on the new SHINee album


My favorite song in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest... but I apparently was the only one, since it didn't even make it to the Final. But I love it!










My older playlists are in here





That is all.




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