Wedding Suits



Minho knows he should mind his own business but he just can't help himself...







Hey babies ❤

This is a shortish (likely 2-3 chapters) and kind of a pointless story, but I wrote the first chapter so I am posting.

Warning because there is some bodyshaming in the beginning, but overall this should be a happy, fluffy story, and probably not very rated.

Thanks for giving it a shot - no hard feelings if you don't.









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Shineepinee525 #1
Chapter 2: So cute 🥰
shojinryori #2
Chapter 2: Adorable! Also (re-reading your author’s note) there is no pointless fic when it is onho! 🥰 Thanks for writing about them. ❤️
Chapter 2: this was so cute :(( I too would fall in love with jinki withen the hour if I saw him in a random clothing store.
958 streak #4
Chapter 2: Yes!
Onwards to the wedding!
I want to see Jinki's ex again with Minho by his side! I hope Jinki isn't oblivious to Minho's flirting!
Thank you so much for the update.
BluBerryU #5
Chapter 2: Children who sleep late have candy to eat.🤤🤤Thanks for the update. It's really cute. Who doesn't want to pinch Jinki's round cheeks?And his thighs haha, some clothes that didn't fit him in the early days of his debut were really delicious in my opinion haha.
Chapter 1: This is so cute ahgfjfshdshdh, grateful for the onho contents🫡
lm____drpsy #7
Chapter 1: authornim...where are you? you made me fall in love with onho ship..i never thought i will enjoy anything other than i can't live without reading onho fics. you are the best onho author out there in all the fanfic worlds. please come back and write more. thank you so much for all your stories. i have read it all...
958 streak #8
Chapter 1: This is so good! I love the way Minho into their conversation.
Now, he is inserting himself into Jinki's life. Perhaps, he gets to him to Hwasa's wedding. After all, he is Jinki's boyfriend! Hahaha!
Waiting eagerly for the next chapter!
BluBerryU #9
Starting with the pictures, your story is so cute! Yes, jinki has a magical aura like this, and I would like to firmly believe that it is true in countless parallel worlds🤣
SHINee5_4ever #10
Chapter 1: This is soo freaking cute & adorable 😍😍Thank you 🙏 waiting for more😍