Festival and busy days




Hello lovelies!


I'm just here to drop by to remind you of the 2PM Brighter Days festival that is still ongoing and encourage you to check out the stories that are being published!


Last week was a busy one for me, because I had to travel for work, and I just came home after midnight yesterday... so now I'm exhausted and have million things to do, but will read the festival stories for Wooyoung-day as soon as I get the chance to because they all look lovely.


Also, photobucket changed its user agreement so now all my photos show up like this



which is annoying, but I'm aware of it, and I will find a way to fix it little by little... but since I have 1000 stories and events (67 to be more exact), it will take a while, thanks for the understanding.


I hope you find some fun stories to read in the festival, and I hope you are all well ❤❤❤ 

Until later






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