My Most Played Songs of 2021



I didn't listen to so much music in 2021, at least not as much as I normally do. But there were still a lot of good songs, and here are the 10 songs I played the most (and how many times I played them).

Obviously this is very biased, and there are hundreds of other songs I liked this year but didn't make this list.






1. SHINee Key + Taeyeon – Hate That... – 358

I just love everything about this song.




2.  EXO D.O – I'm Gonna Love You – 320

I missed his voice so damn much, and his album was such a treat. I loved a lot of songs, but this ended up being most played, it's just very upbeat and comfortable to listen to. Love it.




3. EXO Baekhyun – Drown – 309

It's not that I always like the dirty songs, I just always like them.

And yeah... nothing about my love for Baekhyun's voice is healthy.




4. EXO – Stay – 298 (total: 2404)

My all time favorite song.




5. SHINee – Marry You – 262

This song came earlier than the album, giving me more time to listen to it, so I did, in total playing the live version 155 times and album version 107 times.

I just missed them so much and they are so good live and blonde Onew is so beautiful, and god I love them.




6. SHINee – Area – 203

Just the kind of song I am always in the mood for. So good.




7. 2PM – Make it – 175

I'm so happy with everything about this. Wooyoung-ah, you did great

The video is great and watching them dance is just so damn satisfying.

I couldn't have asked for more.




8. SHINee – Don't Call Me – 166

This was just so damn fantastic! I expected a lot, because... SHINee... but this SO exceded my expectations.




9. SHINee – Heart Attack – 158

I love this song, and the entire album. In the behind the scenes (3:12-3:58), onew is also all so very rough, with messy hair and no make up and unshaven, showing off his arms and oh dear lord do I find that man y.




10. SHINee Onew + Punch – Way – 154

This beauty came at the end of the year – so, so good.











My Most Played Groups of 2021


My most played groups (and their playcount), solos and subunits are included in the count.


1. SHINee – 3512

2. EXO – 2762

3. Monsta X – 923

4. 2PM – 516

5. Oneus – 383

6. Highlight/Beast – 304

7. GOT7 – 248

8. Lee Hi – 238

9. WayV – 192

10. TVXQ – 185


I went a little SHINee crazy in 2021, as you can see from my top lists.

This is not the most I have played SHINee in one year (that was in 2018 with 4625 times).

However this is the first time they come in first over the year for me!

They have been on my top10 since 2011 (when I discovered them) and consistently in top5 every year since 2013 (either 2PM or EXO was always on top), and no other group has been so consistent for 10 years for me, so it was about time that they came in first!

I just think they had a fantastic year and I missed them so much

Taemin kept me sane while the rest of them were gone, and now I will wait (somewhat) patiently until we have him back too ♥♥♥






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I also listened to Exo's Stay a lot this year as Baekhyun was about to enlist.
I liked SHINee's Atlantis more than Don't Call Me.
I really liked OnewxPunch's Way. They sang beautifully together.
About a 3 days ago, I just discovered Onew's Rainy Blue and it stuck in my mind playing continuously. I liked the song so much I listened to the original Japanese singer, Tokunaga Hideaki and found his very favorable comment on Onew's rendition of the song.
Thanks for sharing your playlist.