10 years on AFF! (soon)



Hello everyone ♥


My 10 year anniversary on AFF is coming up very soon - 13th of April 2023.

(I cannot believe it has been this long!)


As a birthday present, I was hoping that you would be willing to answer some very self-indulgent questions for me:

A) How many of my stories have you read? (estimate is fine)

B) What is your favorite ongoing/unfinished story I have written?

C) What is your favorite oneshot (or a short story) I have written?

D) What is your favorite of my finished chaptered stories?

Feel free to answer only some of them! (e.g. if you only have a fav oneshot, and haven't read any of my longer stories, just answer C!)


Thanks for being with me for the last 10 years (or a part of those), and thanks for supporting this self-indulgent writer 


Lots of Love



P.S. Here are most of my stories, and don't forget to check out my anniversary fic: 10 Year Reunion.





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Girl, You have been very loyal on here. I come on once in a while but just cannot stay for long. Happy 10th anniversary! I hope to comeback and be able to read all of those stories of yours I have yet to read and try to finish my unfinished stories. Hope you are doing well!
melly-pop #2
I can’t miss a chance to tell my favorite author how much I love their fics 🤩
A) I’ve read every fic since 2019 but also every MinhoXJinki and Monsta X fic before that. And also some 2PM fics to keep myself cultured
B) Secret Life is my ! My favorite fics are in Minho’s perspective. So I’m in love with that one. I also LOVE Cardboard Boxes and Blind Dates. Especially since now Minho’s showing some signs of jealousy (jealous Minho is best Minho in these fics). I LOVED Bad Boy, Good Boy. I’m not a huge ATEEZ fan but the mystery of how a relationship between a ually centric character and a relationship centric character will work has peaked my interest. Almost like a remix to your Dating a story. Really liked New Beginnings because I have a niche interest in watching women discover they might be queer. And OF COURSE, I feel like I’ve harassed you about Maid to Love. I reread that constantly and I can’t explain why lol. Alpha I Need You also hits my love of a bratty love interest with a smitten, easily swayed partner. I also love how 10 Year Reunion is going.
C) The oldest one I like is Tempted. I lied. I love For the Second Time. Love Home Cooked Breakfast, but I also love Monsta X. And I think fics from the “top’s” perspective are fun and rare switches. Chocolate Kiss is also super cute.
D) I reread a lot of your fics tbh. I love love love your writing style. Hot Revenge is a favorite because it’s written in Minho’s warped perspective. We usually watch Jinki fall for Minho so watching Minho trying to convince himself he’s not in love with Jinki was so fun. Troublesome Friend is a go to reread for me. Again, the bratty love interest with the smitten partner is peak. Christmas Crush was super cute! Marked was so hard to read sometimes (I had to be in a good emotional state to read it without feeling awful), but I think that’s what makes it so good. Wedding Crasher also broke my heart. Handsome Jerk, Alpha Not Needed, and Dating a are also go to rereads.

You’re my favorite author on here. I’m a big fan. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the internet so I can find you! Happy 10 year anniversary! ❤️
Congrats on ur 10th yr anni!!! It's a long journey seeing some authors just stop posting aft a few yrs. It's a feat! Anyway, ill ans all of ur ques:

A) All of ur Shinee onew pairings, especially Onho. How many is that? 😂

B) the Odd omega. Still waiting for new chapters!

C) Winter wedding.

D) marked, troublesome friend & not that kind of girl.

U r my fav onho writer, or any pairings with onew. I hope u will stay here for as long as u can!
Congrats on your ten years anniversary! I wish many, many more years of successful for you to come.

A) I've read all the EXO/GOT7 stories... I'm now starting in on the SHINEE ones

B) Pack of Alphas!!! But I greatly enjoy when a new chapter of Naughty Neighbors pops up, and I really got into The Odd Omega as well

C) Drawer's Block

D) Sweet and Bitter, Boyfriend For Hire
I've read all of your stories at least once.
I think Odd Omega, Alpha Not Needed, and Two Faced Beauty are my favs!
congratulations on the 10 years 🥳 I said in another comment that that's how long I've been into kpop too! it's funny how I only recently found out about this site back in 2018 lol

a. I looked through your stories and I've actually read most of the SHINee ones! I really don't read for other groups because I can't connect to them, but I might start just to see more of your writing!

b. omg a couple lol. "Cardboard Boxes and a Blind Date" of course, but I also would love a continuation of "The Odd Omega" 😭 I still want Minho to find out what jinki is lol

c. love at first sight was so cute 🫠 (I just checked and I don't think I actually commented on it 😭, i feel so bad) brand new year and winter wedding are also favorites!

d. Marked is still my absolute favorite story of yours and probably my favorite fanfic of all time 😭 it single handedly made me an omegaverse enjoyer lmao. I can literally remember the feeling I had the moment I finished reading, like it was such an emotional journey idk if I'll ever feel that way reading a story again, it was so beautiful.

But I find myself rereading Sugar Daddy as well 😭 Onho is my main ship, but I have a soft spot for ontae too (any onew based ship tbh lol)
Congratulations on your upcoming 10th year anniversary in aff.
A. I checked the list of your stories and if I'm not mistaken, I read about 35.
B. I know Christmas Miracle is finished but I would love to see more bonus chapters.
C. Brand New Year
D. Boyfriend for Hire. This is the story that transformed me into an Onho reader, a shawol and eventually a jinggu. Thank you so much for sharing your writings. More power!
Congratulation to your 10 years, hope it will be another 10 more, and thank you.

A) 40-50, maybe more, and I try to read more when I have the time.

B) Student's Pet, The Odd Omega, Pack of Alphas are some of the stories I would love to follow to the end, (and I haven't been a reader of AOB!!!).

C) Can't remember any more than the Christmas miracle.

D) You have a lot of stories that I have loved, but Boyfriend for hire have a special place in my heart, as you probably know :)
Shineepinee525 #9
A) all your SHINee fics!
B) I am still dying for more White Kiss and Grey Kiss! Three's a Crowd as well...ahh too many good ones to only pick one!
D) Boyfriend For Hire was so special, I always hope someday we'll get some bonus chapters...I miss grandma Taemin and that onho.
Happy 10 years, thank u so much!
November will be my ten years. You Win!!

a) all of the SHINee stories!

b) Three's a Crowd

d) Sugar Daddy?, Marked, Troublesome Friend, Love At First Sight, The Odd Omega, Silver & Gold, Boyfriend For Hire, pretty much every one!

omg, look at all SHINee has accomplished in the last ten years!!!! What have I accomplished??? ... I've read a lot >.>
Happy 10 year anniversary!! I'm so grateful you're still here ❤️😭

A. I think I counted 15 of your stories that I've read, but there might be others I missed! I'll read any OnHo and even some OnTae 😊

B. The Odd Omega!!
I'm still super obsessed with this it hurts 😭 it has everything I love and much more and I still go back and reread it 🥹 #1 favorite story from you! And the one I feel is the most creative in its world building. So unique!

C. I thought Christmas Miracle was super cute 🤍

D. Not That Kind of Girl is easily my favorite finished fic! It's one of the first I read from you (so long ago omg) and it's still a go-to for me ☺️
Honorable mention to Marked because it made me feel a lot of things 💔❤️‍🩹 very wholesome Minho 😩

Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories here with us and I appreciate you so much!! ><