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We are in Love

By pjy1993 Updated
Tags  ioi   sejeong   chungha   sechung 
Characters SeJeong ChungHa IOI
With 9 chapters, 9 subscribers, 860 views, 1 comments, 10040 words

This story happen in AU where IOI didn't disband where they continue their activities, as their activities continue they found themselves asking "What is this feeling?". This story mainly consist of SeJeong and ChungHa (sechung feels), there would be other pairings too. I'm writing this because my sechung feels, if you do not like please do not click in or comment.

You're my one and only accident in life

By pjy1993 Updated
Tags  sechung 
Characters SeJeong, CHungha, DOyeon, YooJung, IOI
With 3 chapters, 4 subscribers, 290 views, 3616 words

Produce 101 boarding school is a combine of high school and university, where students are trained in preparation for their future career. The school ranks students based on academic and talent where top 11 students get a dorm to themselves, but this year they have to share a dorm with another because more students are accepted in. When the girls first entered the school as top 11, the other students called them IOI

Kim sisters

By Blackshadow0 Updated
Tags  snsd   taeyeon   sedo   doyeon   nayoung   ioi   sejeong   najeong   chungha   sechung   gugudan   wekimeki 
Characters Taeyeon Nayoung Chungha Sejeong Doyeon
With 19 chapters, 6 votes, 281 subscribers, 4230 views, 30 comments, 33033 words
Status Subscribers Only

Daily stories about Kim siblings that make them get closer and take a good care of each other.


By iammarcid Updated
Tags  fluff   ioi   kimsejeong   sechung   kimchungha 
Characters Kim Sejeong, Kim Chungha, Kim Doyeon, Jeon Somi
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 102 subscribers, 570 views, 1541 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

doyeon and somi decided to be troublemaker cupids.


By ilovehuahua Updated
Tags  comedy   ioi   yase   napink   sechung   yoodaeng 
Characters IOI
With 27 chapters, 19 votes, 604 subscribers, 10500 views, 105 comments, 13579 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Twice As Lovely (Spanish)

By springsecret Updated
Tags  spanish   girlxgirl   2na   dia   ioi   redvelvet   joyrene   lovelyz   gfriend   twice   namo   chaeyu   cosmicgirls   wjsn   misana   boxuan   sechung   pinkwoo   gugudan   blackpink   kyulwoo   jensoo   chaelisa   loona   pristin   jueun   huihyeon   chuuves   yvesoul   itzy   ryuryeong   yejisu 
Characters Twice, Blackpink, Red Velvet, I.O.I, Itzy, Loona, DIA, Lovelyz, WJSN, Pristin, Hinapia
With 26 chapters, 6 votes, 290 subscribers, 5940 views, 18 comments, 18253 words
Status Subscribers Only

Colección de one-shots y drabbles de diferentes girl groups de la nueva generación.

Sechung/Dodaeng One shots

By liltran321 Updated
Tags  hana   ioi   sejeong   chungha   dodaeng   sechung   gugudan 
Characters sejeong chungha hana ioi gugudan
With 44 chapters, 65 votes, 648 subscribers, 39150 views, 337 comments, 179724 words

Sometimes I get ideas and I want to write it somewhere. Mainly going to focus on Sechung and Dodaeng.

100 Words

By _heythereChaelisa Updated
Tags  angst   eunseo   fluff   rose   hyewon   hyunjin   parksiyeon   jiu   jisoo   siwoo   jennie   yerin   heejin   2jin   chaesoo   eunwoo   lisa   bona   dreamcatcher   sua   sinb   gfriend   wenseulrene   somi   wjsn   sejeong   xuanyi   chengxiao   chungha   eunxiao   sinrin   sesom   boxuan   sechung   blackpink   jenlisa   momoland   loona   pristin   nancy   yves   chuu   chuuves   suayeon   yeonwoo   gowon   leesiyeon   nanwoo   oliviahye   singji 
Characters yves chuu lee siyeon sua eunwoo park siyeon somi sejeong and other girlgroups members
With 20 chapters, 22 votes, 739 subscribers, 13460 views, 37 comments, 2152 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Just a collection of drabbles of my favourite ships.

I promise I'll never leave you

By dinasjeong Updated
Tags  sejeong   chungha   napink   kyulkyung   sechung 
Characters sejeong , chungha feat IOI members
With 15 chapters, 2 votes, 238 subscribers, 8170 views, 32 comments, 16910 words
Status Subscribers Only

don't leave me , stay with me , i love you

Words Can Hurt Too

By Pingpi Updated
Tags  ioi   napink   dodaeng   sechung 
Characters Produce ioi Sejeong Chungha Shinee SNSD
With 10 chapters, 5 votes, 333 subscribers, 4050 views, 13 comments, 14603 words
Status Subscribers Only

Sejeong isn't just an idol. She's part of an assassin group called the Order. Being an idol was an act to cover her mission: killing a certain someone.

sechung's stories

By 97tsko Updated
Tags  romance   girlxgirl   ioi   sejeong   chungha   sechung   gugudan 
Characters sejeong, chungha, sechung
With 6 chapters, 8 votes, 97 subscribers, 5750 views, 21 comments, 23291 words
Status [M], Completed

What I Need

By wannie_rene Updated
Tags  fluff   ioi   redvelvet   seulrene   wenjoy   sechung 
Characters seulgi irene wendy joy sejeong chungha
With 7 chapters, 8 votes, 345 subscribers, 1680 views, 10 comments, 3069 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

just a collection of one-shots I wrote for my favorite ships // mostly fluff 

SeChung Shots

By manhid Updated
Tags  ioi   sejeong   chungha   sechung 
With 4 chapters, 8 votes, 94 subscribers, 4770 views, 11 comments, 9878 words

Sechung stories because ioi's 96 line is too cute.

Delusional shipper

By tillsechungreunite Updated
Tags  ioi   sejeong   chungha   sechung   gugudan 
Characters Sejeong, Chungha, ioi, gugudan
With 5 chapters, 7 votes, 156 subscribers, 2230 views, 14 comments, 11222 words
Status Subscribers Only

Sechung oneshots, from the delusional mind of this sechung shipper

If Only

By tillsechungreunite Updated
Tags  hana   doyeon   yoojung   nayoung   ioi   sejeong   chungha   dodaeng   sechung   gugudan   hanayoung 
Characters Sejeong, Chungha, Gugudan, IOI
With 13 chapters, 14 votes, 291 subscribers, 5490 views, 32 comments, 23592 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

A story filled with regrets and longing

Imperfect Sejeong

By ilovehuahua Updated
Tags  angst   chaeyeon   ioi   sejeong   sechung   chaejeong 
Characters Sejeong , Chaeyeon , IOI
With 3 chapters, 7 votes, 417 subscribers, 4400 views, 12 comments, 5272 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

i left to pee and what did i come back to

By stoodoverdaline Updated
Tags  fluff   crack   ioi   chatfic   jinjoo   dodaeng   sechung   chaekura   izone   yulyen   chaetomi   wontomi   hyefood   wholesomeness   ioizone   ssambbang 
Characters iz*one and ioi members
With 1 chapters, 100 votes, 304 subscribers, 10140 views, 49 comments, 7260 words
Status Completed

leechae: upon seeing this gc they simultaneously dropped their phones and are too scared to touch it now.                                                                                                         

Hey Gurls

By LiNi2316 Updated
Characters Somi Sejeong Yoojung Chungha Sohye Kyulkyung Chaeyeon Doyeon Mina Nayoung Yeunjung
With 5 chapters, 20 subscribers, 1610 views, 2757 words
Status [M]

I promise you

By tillsechungreunite Updated
Tags  ioi   sejeong   chungha   sechung   gugudan 
Characters Sejeong, Chungha, Gugudan, I.O.I
With 29 chapters, 13 votes, 217 subscribers, 7970 views, 70 comments, 74637 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

First time writing a story for my first gxg ship, please bear with my grammar and typos.

School 2018!

By JungChaeYeon1997 Updated
Tags  chaeyeon   mina   mystery   romance   schoollife   chanmi   dia   doyeon   miso   yoojung   nayoung   ioi   sohye   somi   produce101   wjsn   sejeong   chungha   dodaeng   jieqiong   kyulkyung   sesom   sechung   chaekyul   gugudan   doyeonjung   yeunjung   pristin   shikshincouple   wekimeki 
Characters Jeon Somi, Kim Sejeong, Choi Yoojung, Kim Chungha, Kim Sohye, Zhou Kyulkyung, Jung Chaeyeon, Kim Doyeon, Kang Mina, Im Nayoung, Yoo Yeunjung, and Heo Chanmi
With 6 chapters, 6 votes, 122 subscribers, 4610 views, 20 comments, 38490 words

Jeon Somi has been known as an outcast her entire life. She has already transferred to 3 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 3 high schools. She finally settles in the prestigious IOI Academy, an all girls academy that is very strict with education. She is placed as Rank 50 on her first week, but makes a tremendous move on her second week, taking away Rank 1 from Kim Sejeong, who is now Rank 2, joining the Top 11. Ever since then, Somi has been the talk of the school. One day, S


By enirehtac Updated
Characters Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon
With 18 chapters, 16 votes, 564 subscribers, 10100 views, 85 comments, 62292 words
Status Subscribers Only

where Yoojung and Doyeon's lives were revolved around coincidences

What We Were

By guest120 Updated
Tags  sejeong   chungha   sechung 
Characters sejeong chungha
With 5 subscribers, 310 views, 2 comments, 34 words

day6 songs plus sechung equals to pain

Gimme That Ice Cream

By itzloonatic Updated
Tags  comedy   romance   ioi   sejeong   chungha   sechung 
Characters Chungha | Sejeong
With 3 chapters, 8 votes, 39 subscribers, 2550 views, 6 comments, 4599 words
Status Completed

  Chungha was cast for a commercial with a rather unusual script. --- "For this last scene, I need to know som

Seoul Grace Hospital

By eunbestie Updated
Tags  ioi   redvelvet   seulrene   seuldy   wenjoy   gfriend   sinrin   napink   dodaeng   sechung   wonha   yumji   dosom   chaejeong 
With 50 chapters, 141 votes, 865 subscribers, 46230 views, 425 comments, 49320 words
Status Completed

This was bound to happen if Seoul Grace Hospital insisted on hiring such attractive staff members. Multishots of girlgroups living it up as hot shot doctors who tend to sleep around and tend not to talk about feelings. Grey's Anatomy AU.

Ephemeral Changes

By WeAre1InAMillion Updated
Tags  angst   sejeong   chungha   sechung 
Characters Sejeong and Chungha
With 1 chapters, 5 subscribers, 610 views, 2 comments, 810 words

Sejong has her hands tangled in Chungha's, but in some picture it might be a dream, or atleast some memories lingering in her mind.


By joohwang Updated
Tags  fantasy   dia   ioi   somi   wjsn   sechung   gugudan   yeonjung   doyeonjung   loona   pristin   wekimeki 
Characters I.O.I and maybe some other idols that i can't really write here because im not finish with this story yet XDD
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 56 subscribers, 2140 views, 8 comments, 2079 words

Two young girls with the name of Yeonjung and Somi, badly wants to go outside during the daytime but their parents doesn't allow them. They don't really know why because they don't ask and they really obey their parents. They can only go out during the nighttime and their only friend is each other aside from their parents and sisters, they want to know how the sunlight feels on their skin and whats it like having other friends.

You kill me

By SejeongMyWife Updated
Characters IOI
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 99 subscribers, 13 comments, 6336 words

Sejeong is panicking about her and Chungha's sixth anniversary together and asks Yoojung and Doyeon for help.

Hello, counterparts! (I.O.I x Wanna One Chatroom)

By Agyusshi Updated
Tags  crackfic   shikshin   chatroom   ioi   produce101   napink   dodaeng   sechung   doyeonjung   2park   pd101s2   produce101season2   ongniel   winkdeep   jinhwi   panwink   wannaone   deephwi   pinksausage 
Characters I.O.I and Wanna One plus Pd101s1 and Pd101s2 cameos
With 10 chapters, 6 votes, 82 subscribers, 7410 views, 26 comments, 18351 words
Status Completed

Welcome to the Nation's Elite 22 Chatroom where you can witness the greatness of Korea's Nation Kpop Group, I.O.I and Wanna One Let the double chaos begin!   (LATEST UPDATE: [Chapter 9 - Fast Talk 101] - A dose of mini fast talk with Wanna One  

This Side Of Paradise

By sfatai Updated
Tags  napink   dodaeng   sechung   dosom   chaejeong 
With 5 chapters, 6 votes, 199 subscribers, 24 comments, 21338 words
Status Subscribers Only

Hi, this fic will mostly be filled with small mini chapter stories from certain pairings from ioi. Many of these songs will sort of be based from songs written by Hayley Kiyoko and maybe other artists. Thanks, not too sure if they will be good but yeah. Sorry for any grammetical errors as well and enjoy! The characters aren't mine but you know based on actual people lol.

Dream Girls

By Dontmind123 Updated
Tags  sechung   chaejeong 
With 3 chapters, 3 votes, 55 subscribers, 920 views, 7 comments, 8054 words
Status Subscribers Only

High school/ future au (slightly based around sunny movie but not really) I.O.I wasn't a girl group. 20 years has passed since Sejeong has heard from the I.O.I members minus Mina. Being diagnosed with cancer with only a year left to live, Sejeong's last wish is for all the members to reunite. She set's out on her journey along with Mina to find the other members.  Chapters will alternate between past and present.

One Shot Collection of I.O.I

By Sharkkid00 Updated
Tags  nayoung   ioi   chungha   napink   dodaeng   chungmi   sechung   chaekyul   doyeonjung 
Characters I.O.I members
With 16 chapters, 15 votes, 14640 views, 59 comments, 19116 words
Status Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

Not taking story request anymore.    One shot collection for I.O.I.You can make a request but only I.O.I members.Also,this is a genderbender and if you want to make a request please do it like this:Example Pairing:Chungha(boy)xSejeong(girl) Genre:Fluff. Plot of story:(what kind of story you want)

You Couple Me

By hailqueens Updated
Tags  ioi   sejeong   chungha   sechung   gugudan 
Characters IOI, Gugudan
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 43 subscribers, 2720 views, 11 comments, 4806 words

Chungha was always patient, but right now, all she wants is to see that person's face that gives her life. But she's too unavailable for Chungha's reach. If only she knew Chungha was this crazy about her.   "Damn you Sejeong! Do i really have to stan you to get a piece of you?" She cursed in her mind

Banana flavoured condoms

By zentha Updated
Tags  nayoung   ioi   somi   produce101   sejeong   chungha   sechung 
Characters Nayoung Somi ioi Chungha Sejeong Jieqiong Pinky
With 4 chapters, 10 votes, 592 subscribers, 5590 views, 33 comments, 4440 words
Status Subscribers Only

It all started with Nayoung's failure to control her cleaning habits. Balloon condoms and ships ensues.   

merry merry merry

By dreamyeoja Updated
Characters nayoung, chungha, sejeong, chaeyeon, kyulkyung, sohye, yeonjung, yoojung, doyeon, mina, somi
With 1 chapters, 12 votes, 487 subscribers, 3390 views, 12 comments, 1484 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

it's christmas and ioi's gc kinda snapped

I.O.I Ships

By Limmy2909 Updated
Tags  ioi   napink   dodaeng   sesom   sechung   chaekyul   dosom   chaejeong 
Characters Kim Sejeong, Kim Chungha, Jeon Somi, Kim Doyeon, all IOI members
With 30 chapters, 29 votes, 1640 subscribers, 30500 views, 189 comments, 51343 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

A werewolf and a vampire?

By VegetablesBrocolli Updated
Tags  ioi   napink   dodaeng   sechung 
Characters Nayoung, Jieqiong and other ioi members
With 23 chapters, 10 votes, 362 subscribers, 94 comments, 32631 words
Status Subscribers Only

“Will we be able to sustain this relationship? Will you return the feelings I have for you? Will a werewolf and a vampire actually be together?” Nayoung says as a tear falls out from her eye.

Did You Miss Me?

By ParkSungji Updated
Characters Sejeong, Chungha
With 1 chapters, 13 votes, 985 subscribers, 7160 views, 9 comments, 5745 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Line 선

By Somsomsomii Updated
Tags  ioi   napink   sesom   sechung   ioiships   chaesom 
Characters Lim Nayoung, Kim Chungha, Kim Sejeong, Jung Chaeyeon, Joo Kyulkyung/Zhou Jieqiong, Kim Sohye, Yoo Yeonjung, Choi Yoojung, Kang Mina, Kim Doyeon, & Jeon Somi
With 2 chapters, 6 votes, 80 subscribers, 2040 views, 9 comments, 4612 words
Status [M]

Flower, Wind, and You

By stoodoverdaline Updated
Tags  doyeon   yoojung   ioi   dodaeng   sechung 
Characters Kim Doyeon, Choi Yoojung, other IOI members and PD101 trainees cameos
With 2 chapters, 46 votes, 276 subscribers, 7180 views, 44 comments, 13363 words

Doyeon was forced to run a delivery service. Yoojung was a ball of awkwardness. Sohye was a broccoli hater. Sejeong was an overprotective unnie, while Chungha wasn't any better - she's just more subtle about it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Cappuccinos & Crushes

By eunbestie Updated
Tags  sinrin   sechung   wonha   yumji 
Characters SinB, Yerin, Sowon, Eunha, Yuju, Umji, Sejeong, Joy
With 19 chapters, 65 votes, 347 subscribers, 10800 views, 125 comments, 28335 words
Status Completed

Love is in the air... Or is that coffee? Yerin meets a lot of people working at her parents' cafe, but no one is quite as stunning as SinB, who suddenly shows up one day. From then on, Yerin is left trying to figure out this girl and her feelings for her. 


By hccc49 Updated
Tags  doyeon   ioi   dokyul   jieqiong   kyulkyung   sechung 
Characters Doyeon, Kyulkyung
With 8 chapters, 19 votes, 500 subscribers, 6960 views, 102 comments, 14926 words
Status Subscribers Only

Kim Doyeon was totally fine until an unexpected bad hand grabbing moment of her life happened and it wasn't okay.


By peonymilfs Updated
Tags  girlxgirl   ioi   produce101   sejeong   chungha   sechung 
Characters Sejeong, Chungha, other IOI members, Produce 101 contestants, gugudan members, maybe more.
With 1 chapters, 18 votes, 9 comments, 2304 words
Status Completed

Sejeong and Chungha as parents.

Of Serpents and Quaffles

By Childisher Updated
Tags  ioi   produce101   napink   sechung   catchae 
Characters I.O.I and Produce 101 members
With 4 chapters, 18 votes, 138 subscribers, 3050 views, 29 comments, 24319 words

Hogwarts AU revolving around I.O.I/Produce 101 members. Sejeong and Chungha centric for now. 

The Hardships of Love

By Pingpi Updated
Tags  angst   sechung 
Characters Sejeong Chungha
With 11 subscribers, 520 views, 627 words
Status Members Only

Love is always hard and unpredictable, especially for Kim Sejeong.


By redbeanpancake Updated
Tags  oneshotcollection   ioi   produce101   dochae   sechung   doyeonjung 
Characters ioi
With 5 chapters, 18 votes, 185 subscribers, 7090 views, 35 comments, 12893 words

"It was short but I was able to feel you enough, don't forget that we loved each other more than anybody else." // latest: III - sejeong x chungha