You kill me


Sejeong is panicking about her and Chungha's sixth anniversary together and asks Yoojung and Doyeon for help.


Some , some fluff. Idk it's 10pm and I suddenly had the idea and I'm deprived of Sejeong fics so might as well write my own :p it turned into a Dodaeng fic along the way but lol this'll have to be a two-part story to get some decent amount of Sechung in here.

Edit: turned into a Napink fic in chapter 2 so I guess it'll have to be a three-part story loooool. Who knows, maybe I'll add more and more ships each chapter and this original one shot will turn into a novel XD 

Edit2: a 4-part story now loool swear next chapter SHALL BE THE LAST! unless there's a spurge or ideas suddenly flooding in hehe

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