Hello, counterparts! (I.O.I x Wanna One Chatroom)


Welcome to the Nation's Elite 22 Chatroom where you can witness the greatness of Korea's Nation Kpop Group, I.O.I and Wanna One

Let the double chaos begin!


(LATEST UPDATE: [Chapter 9 - Fast Talk 101] - A dose of mini fast talk with Wanna One


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Just a chatroom dedicated for all I.O.I and Wanna One trash out there!!!! 

This special chatroom is dedicated to our new boy group, Wanna One!

I hope you like this special chatroom. All comments are appreciated!

(Sorry for grammatical errors, please bear with me mwah)




But it doesn't mean that I won't update this chatroom anymore. :)

If you want to suggest on how to improve this chatroom, just let me know through a personal message and comment section.


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Ooooohhh~~ I'll try some, my bae.

1.) Science or Math?
2.) Would you rather face Minhyun's cleaning sessions or Jaehwan's psychotic laughing sessions?
3.) On the levels of cuteness, which members do you pick?
4.) Dodaeng or Doyeonjung?
5.) If Jihoon had a partner, will it be Guanlin or Woojin?
6.) Tall men or short men?
7.) If Daehwi were to become a next girl group member, to which group would he be suitable?
8.) To laugh or to cry?
9.) To be innocent or to be savage?
10.) Complete the sentence. "I got to..."
11.) How you define life in one word?

There we go...
serijihah #2
Chapter 11: LOVE IT! so my questions
1) Real man vs cutie (i believe when jihoon picked real man all members will argue)
2) Rice or ramen
3) Kahi or cheetah?
4) Lee woojin vs yoo seonhoe?
4) Long hair vs short hair girl?
5) The worst predebut picture?
6) Complete the sentence "Please....."
7) Woojin's fart vs ha sungwoon's fart
8) If i can steal something from members' collection, what is it?
i hope u consider my questions i really try hard lol
IheartZone #3
Chapter 11: Hmmm let me try.........

1.Overwatch or League of legends?
2.Apples or oranges?
3.Hot or cute?
4.Brawns or brains?
5.North or South?
6.East or West?
7.Fire or Ice?
8.what are your embrassing moments?
9.what is your favourite I.O.I song?
10.What's the funniest thing you did?
11.Would you rather: Watch Sechung's steamy sessions or get annihilated by Demonic chaeyeon's wrath?

That's my 11 questions for them I hope that I'm right about this. ^_^
Chapter 11: *yells at the distance* MINA FORGOT SOHYE FOR HER CHRISTMAS hahaha
Chapter 11: I relate to Somi on a very spiritual level specially at the last part ;-;
Chapter 11: lol sejeong never changed
Chapter 8: dang, lol dirty thoughts