Seoul Grace Hospital


This was bound to happen if Seoul Grace Hospital insisted on hiring such attractive staff members. Multishots of girlgroups living it up as hot shot doctors who tend to sleep around and tend not to talk about feelings. Grey's Anatomy AU.


I have the attention span of a flea, so while I might not have time to post my other story consistently, I do have time to write silly little oneshots. Since this is a hospital au, here's a guide to what everyone is:

Sowon - nuerology attending
Yerin - pediatric attending
Eunha - plastics attending
Yuju - general resident
SinB - cardio resident
Umji - nurse

Red Velvet:
Irene - neurology attending
Seulgi - pediatric attending
Wendy - general attending
Joy - nurse
Yeri - cardio resident

Nayoung - trauma attending
Chungha - head nurse
Sejeong - general attending
Chaeyeon - nurse
Kyulkyung - plastics resident
Sohye - patient
Yeonjung - patient
Yoojung - pediatric resident
Mina - patient
Doyeon - neurology resident
Somi - intern


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Sir_Loin #1
Chapter 49: 💖💛
Sir_Loin #2
Chapter 33: !!!!!!!
Sir_Loin #3
Chapter 19: I’m liking WenJoy in this too.
Sir_Loin #4
Chapter 12: Green monsterrrrr just peaking through.
Sir_Loin #5
Chapter 3: Woohoo!! Thank you so much for marking the chapters! Even this snippet of SeulRene is super interesting. And honestly, reading good writing after finishing a 19 chapter big whopper of bad english (but highly entertaining plot), this is a breath of fresh air. Cheers!
bfewuibd #6
Chapter 50: Wowww i love every couple in this. Theres not much of sechung ff out there,so thank you for making this.
Chapter 50: Well, I'd admit that I'm unfamiliar with everyone except for the Red Velvet characters but whew got so invested with Sejeong and Chungha!
Chapter 50: for having so many characters to handle YOU HAVE SO FREAKING SMOOTH ENDING AND I LOVE IT!!
Chapter 50: I'm amazed by how you handle all the characters on the last chapter! I know it must be REALLY hard lolol
But you did super great! I love how smooth the transition between the couples hahaha

Tysm for the au authornim!!
As expected from eunbestie nim!!
Chapter 17: I keep reading this chapter over and over because the last sentence definitely was a good conclusion to Sowon's suffering.