i left to pee and what did i come back to


leechae: upon seeing this gc they simultaneously dropped their phones and are too scared to touch it now.


(alternatively, jeon somi ropes lee chaeyeon into making a gc with all ioi and iz*one members in it. what could go wrong, right? a lot. a lot of it. pray for them, tbqh.)                       


A/N: who thought that this was a great idea? me. i have regrets. but i need the ioi x iz*one gc content no one asked for, so here i am. also, ships are implied and teased, except for chaetomi which will be heavily featured near the end. warning? uhhh. shenanigans. a lot of it. and girls supporting girls. and lame jokes, i'm so sorry please don't kill me. happy reading!




[somi > leechae]

somi: i just got the brightest idea ever

leechae: i’m going to Hell for this

somi: don’t worry i’ll accompany you

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